Boost The Budget

‘Be involved in helping Gary build a team to challenge for promotion to the Football League’

What is Boost the Budget?

Boost the Budget is a fundraising scheme where supporters have the opportunity to contribute directly to Gary’s playing budget.  All money raised will be used solely to support the Manager’s playing budget by providing extra funds to support players’ contracts, loan-signings or transfer fees.

If only 250 supporters contributed £10 a month, we would reach the initial target of £20,000 – potentially the difference between a good and a great season.

Members will also be entered into a regular prize draw with fantastic prizes on offer.


How can I join?

Payment can be monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annually by standing order form or by picking up a form at the Football Club. Cheques (made payable to Aldershot Town Supporters’ Society Limited) and cash and electronic payments are also much appreciated but please let us have your contact details, including email, so that we can contact you.

If you just can’t afford £10 a month, then Cash for Shots is another great way to help Boost the Budget.

Any Questions?

For more information, please speak to Tommy Anderson, Shots’ Trust Chairman on 07551 181389 or email