Cash for Shots – chance to win £100 each week

For the cost of £1 a week, members of the scheme are entered into a weekly draw for a cash prize of £100.  Prize winners will be announced on Shostweb and the Shots Trust twitter on a Friday lunchtime.

(updated 13-dec) Proceeds from Cash for Shots were to be donated to the Shots Foundation – however due to a strange refusal from the Foundation/Club, the Trust are re-assessing their options. Read more here >>>

How can I join?

Payment can be quarterly, half-yearly or annually by standing order available on our website (CASH FOR SHOTS STANDING ORDER).

If you are able to sign up for a £52 single annual payment – this can also be done via our online shop (payment via Credit Card, Bank Transfer, Cheque or Paypal)

Cheques (made payable to ‘Cash for Shots’) and cash and electronic payments are also accepted but please let us have your contact details, including email, so that we can contact you if you win!  Cash or cheque payments will be accepted into the draw instantly whilst those made by standing order are entered as soon as the initial payment is received.