The Shots Trust main aim is to help ensure that Aldershot Town FC is at the heart of the local community and to be representative of Shots Fans to make sure that our voice is always heard.  We have produced a list of strategic objectives that we will endevour to work to:

Strategic Objective 1: Our Role in the Local Community

The Trust will pro-actively promote the club in the local community to improve its image and increase our fan-base (SO1).

We will achieve this by:

  • Supporting the Community Stand Initiative
  • Promoting the Club for Students
  • Building links with local youth groups
  • Identify local community events and have a presence

Help the Shots Trust by volunteering or helping to promote the club in the local community.

Strategic Objective 2: Club Unity

Bringing togetherness amongst Shots Fans – helping to instil a sense of pride in being a member of the Shots Trust and a follower of Aldershot Town FC (SO2).

The Trust will strive to bring all ATFC stakeholders together – including working closely with the Club Board. We must respond to fans requirements and we are keen to develop are as follows:

  • Act as the Fans Representative
  • Providing Away Travel (where viable)
  • Half Time entertainment
  • Catering
  • Atmosphere
  • Player of the Month/Year
  • Member benefits

Strategic Objective 3: Transparency, Engagement and Communication (SO3)

To engage positively with our members and fellow supporters and to reach out and attract support from anybody with a connection to Aldershot Town FC to reach 1,000 members.

The Trust will achieve this by:

  • Enhanced social media presence
  • Maintaining a regular presence on matchday
  • Provide regular updates to on Trust related matters
  • Being transparent in transactions
  • Always act in the interests of Aldershot Town FC.

Strategic Objective 4: To bring ATFC into Community Ownership (SO1)

To work towards a community ownership model and to ensure that the Shots Trust is a viable and credible prospective owner of Aldershot Town Football Club, should the opportunity arise.

This Shots Trust share the Club’s vision for the club being at the heart of the local community. The Trust recognises that the success of the club in the short term and long term are intrinsically linked. Therefore any fundraising should not be detrimental to the day to day running of the football club. It is essential that the Trust should maintain a positive relationship with the club’s existing board of directors and support their efforts in bringing success to ATFC and securing a long and secure future.

We consider that introducing a community ownership model for Aldershot Town FC will achieve long term stability and instil a greater sense of pride – a club that we can all own together. The long-term goal of outright community ownership is something that we hope that all Shots Fans, the Club Board and the Council will support.

Our Values

In achieving our aims, we will work to our four core values:

  • Shots Fans are the lifeblood of the club and we will always respect and listen to our fellow supporters;
  • Every decision made by The Shots Trust will be in the interests of the club and its supporters;
  • Our attitude will always be positive, friendly, open and pro-active.
  • Integrity is paramount. We will never deliberately mislead our fellow supporters under any circumstances and we are always accountable to our members.

Do you support our objectives and support our values? Ultimately, we are accountable to our membership, and therefore if there is anything in the above text that you disagree with or you would like to receive clarification on, then please do let us know.

We acknowledge that not everybody will agree on everything, but we are all Shots Fans and we all want to do what is best for the club. Undoubtedly, balancing the needs of the present with the duty to secure the long term future of the football club is our hardest challenge and we value the input of all Shots Fans – whether members or not.

We will be happy to address any queries or questions you may have. Please email: info@theshotstrust.co.uk.