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This is to inform you of the Shots’ Trust 2017 election procedures and to invite you to submit motions for consideration by the Trust Board for inclusion in the agenda for the 2017 Supporters Trust Annual General Meeting, scheduled for Wednesday, 17 May 2017 commencing at 7.30pm in the EBB Lounge at Aldershot Town FC.

Election Procedures 2017

The Shots’ Trust is managed on behalf of you, its members, by a voluntary Trust Board. In accordance with the Trust’s rules, this Board consists of between 6 and 12 Directors, of whom not less than 4 and up to 10 are elected by the membership.

The current directors are:

Tommy Anderson (Chairman) Robin Carder Sean Chambers Bob Green
Janet Guess (Secretary) Mick Lee Nick Cave (resigned 12 February 2017)

In accordance with the rules, one third of the Trust Board are required to resign each year at the AGM and they have the option to stand for re-election. This year, Janet Guess and Sean Chambers will resign at the AGM. They have indicated their intention to stand for re-election.

If you would like to stand for election as a Trust Board Director, please write to:

Mrs Janet Guess
Aldershot Town Supporters Trust
53 Sidlaws Road
GU14 9LN

Alternatively, please email

In your application, please indicate the skills that you have and your willingness to commit the amount of time required to fulfil your responsibilities as a Trust Board Director. Your statement should be between 150 and 300 words in length. Please also include your name, address, contact telephone number and the name of two current members of the Trust who are happy to propose and second your nomination.

Please note that all nominees, proposers and seconders must have up-to-date paid Trust membership and be over 18 years old as at 17 April 2017 – the deadline for nominations to be received.

If 3 or less applications are received, all candidates will become Directors as a contested election will not be required. If, however, more than 3 applications are received there will be a contested election and therefore all members will be sent voting papers listing the candidates together with the information candidates have given to support their application.

The deadline for receipt of completed voting papers for those voting by post will be
Friday 12 May 2017. Alternatively, members can attend the AGM in person and vote on the night or vote by proxy. Members who have voted by post will be able to attend the AGM but will not be able to vote again on the night.

All members with up-to-date paid Trust membership will be eligible to vote, subject to the aforementioned age restrictions. The election process will be overseen by an independent scrutineer.

The new Board of the Shots’ Trust will be announced to members at the AGM.

AGM Motions

Members are invited to submit their own motions. The Trust Board will consider the validity of each motion (i.e. whether they are consistent with the Trust’s rules, policies and objectives) and if a majority of the Board approve they will be included in the AGM agenda. Members should submit motions for consideration by 17 April 2016 to the address shown above or email to

Please note that:

• a motion must be proposed by a current member and seconded by a current member
• the name, address and contact telephone no. of both proposer and seconder should accompany the motion

Formal notice of the 2017 the Shots Trust AGM together with an agenda will be sent to members as soon as possible after 17 April 2017.

Yours sincerely

Tommy Anderson

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