Join the Trust

Shots Trust membership brings you closer to the club you love – and all for no more than £10 a season (or £5 for Juniors).

As a Trust member, you’ll be helping to improve the future of the club as well as the community, and you’ll be given the all-important ability to have YOUR say on what the Trust does or doesn’t do. Every member over the age of 18 will receive one share in the Trust.

So make sure you’ve got the power to help shape the future of the Shots Trust and together we can play a vital part in getting closer and feeling a part of the club we all support.

What benefits do Trust members receive?

We have negotiated some additional benefits for Trust members this season and therefore Trust members can take advantage of :

  • Priority, after season ticket holders, for All Ticket matches*
  • A 10% discount on all items in the Club Shop, with the exception of the Home replica shirt, during certain periods
  • Ability to vote and stand for election to the Trust Board
  • Discount on any Trust operated away travel
  • A discount of 30p per pint, class of wine or house vodka at the Crimea on NON-match days*
  • Regular communication channels through the Trust back to the Club
  • The chance to vote for the Player of the Month
  • Exclusive member competitions

(*on production of a valid membership card)

We have three membership categories:

  • Adult Membership (Members must be aged 18-64 inclusive on the date of joining)
  • Senior Membership (Members must be aged 65 and over on the date of joining)
  • Junior Membership (Members must be aged 17 and under on the date of joining)

For Adults and Seniors we offer both a year, five years and lifetime membership options.

Joining us is easier than ever with our new online shop. You can choose to pay by Bank Transfer, Cheque (posted), Paypal or Credit Card

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By joining us, you’ll be playing an active part in the future of the club, as well as supporting our efforts in taking the Shots to the local community.