By | October 2, 2020

Shots Trust members will be aware that Covid-19 has significantly curtailed our fundraising efforts this year. To help to tackle the issue, we are offering free, one-year Trust membership to all who purchase a Cash for Shots draw ticket between now and Christmas 2020.  

Not only might you win £100 in our weekly Cash for Shots draw, but this will also give access to our membership benefits, including the latest restaurant and pub discounts and the chance to meet our new Sunday League Team players – and, for those over 12 years old, even to train with them!

To be eligible, the purchase must be a full-year ticket costing £52, or £54 for those who shop online through PayPal or credit card.  This can be done via our online shop, or directly at your bank using the account details found  at this link: C4S Standing Order Jul20.

So, come and join us!

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