By | February 9, 2018

One week after the first ever Shots Trust Shirt auction we are pleased to announce we raised over £1000 for Gary’s Playing Budget. The generosity of two Shots fans meant we were able to auction, via Shotsweb, a total of 27 shirts. Bids were placed over a 15 day period and the winners were announced on Friday 2nd Feb.

The largest single bid was £380 which was lodged by Sheffield Baz for Chris Tomlinsons’ number 5 shirt from our first ever ATFC season in 1992/93 (pictured here). Well done Baz !

Winners have been contacted and shirts have either been posted, collected or will be available at the Bromley match on Tuesday week. We will be located near the old Trust Cafe from 7.15pm until just before Kick Off for collection of remaining lots.

This auction was a huge success and as such provisional plans are in place to repeat it, potentially in September 2018. If anyone has shirts they wish to donate then we are happy to collect and store until such time. Please email us on

Full list of winners below:

Lot #1, Year=1996/8, away, Datrontech, size:42/44 £30.00 Berry_Monster
Lot #2, Year=1995/7, Home, Datrontech, size:42/44 £70.00 Shearer
Lot #3, Year=2006/7, home, EBB, size:XXL £40.00 Steve P (email)
Lot #4, Year=1993/5, home, Datrontech, size:42/44 £60.00 Shearer
Lot #5, Year=2002/4, home, Hi-Speed, size:XL £30.00 CRT
Lot #6, Year=2004/6, home, Charters, size:XXXL £5.00 Trust in Gary
Lot #7, Year=2000/2, home, Charters, size:XL £20.00 Berry_Monster
Lot #8, Year=1997/8, home, Datrontech, size:XL £35.00 Statto
Lot #9, Year=2010/11, home, Xfor, size:4XL UNSOLD
Lot #10, Year=2002/04, away, Hi-Speed, size:XXL £50.00 Sheffield Baz
Lot #11, Year=1998/00, home, Charters, size:XL £30.00 Berry_Monster
Lot #12, Year=2008/9, home, EBB, size:XXL UNSOLD
Lot #13, Year=2004/6, home, Charters, size:XXXL UNSOLD
Lot #14, Year=2010/11, home, Xfor, size:XXXL £15.00 Trust in Gary
Lot #15, Year=1992/3, home, Pams Florists, size:XL £380.00 Sheffield Baz
Lot #16, Year=2004/06, away, Charters, size:XXXL £8.00 Trust in Gary
Lot #17, Year=2000/02, home, Charters, size:L £15.00 Steve Stairs Elbow
Lot #18, Year=2004/6, home, Charters, size:L £10.00 Callumatfc
Lot #19, Year=2002/04, home, Hi-Speed, size:L £10.00 Callumatfc
Lot #20, Year=1997/98, home, Datrontech, size:L £25.00 WB1995
Lot #21, Year=2011/13, home, EBB, size:L £10.00 Martyn
Lot #22, Year=2007/08, home, Ezylet, size:L £25.00 ATFCPredatorx
Lot #23, Year=Late 90s, training, None, size:XL £15.00 Malmesbury Shot
Lot #24, Year=2008/10, third, EBB, size:SJ £10.00 Martyn
Lot #25, Year=2008/10, away, EBB, size:M £60.00 Shearer
Lot #26, Year=2003/04, special, Hi-Speed, size:XXL £45.00 Martyn
Lot #27, Year=2002/04, home, Hi-Speed, size:M £75.00 shot62

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