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Forever Shots picShots Trust, the democratic supporters’ trust representing the interests of Aldershot Town fans, has today launched its Forever Shots Fund.

The long-term aim of the ‘Forever Shots Fund’ is to enable the Club to be owned by the Community as we want to ensure that there will always be a professional football club for the town for years to come.

The ‘Forever Shots Fund’ is a ring-fenced fund that will not be used on a day to day basis. It is not a bid to buy the club now; it is a long term initiative that puts the Shots Trust in a position to purchase the club, should that opportunity arise at some point in the future.

Tommy Anderson, Shots Trust Spokesperson commented:

“We are delighted to now be in a position to launch the Forever Shots Fund. Since the events of the summer 2013 that took place, we have sat back and taken our time to consider what our next options should be, and, as a Trust board we have decided to aim for our ultimate goal of achieving community ownership, by launching this fund, which we hope will provide the financial means of achieving this goal. We will, however, continue to fully support Chairman Shahid Azeem and the Board of Directors in their efforts to run the football club on a sustainable basis for the benefit of the community.”

Money previously paid into the old escrow account had already been transferred to the Forever Shots Fund with the consent of each individual contributor. Today’s launch will give supporters the opportunity to contribute smaller amounts on a regular basis to allow the fund to grow.

Supporters can contribute to the Forever Shots Fund by visiting or speaking to the Trust at the front of ground on match day.

The Forever Shots Fund has been prepared with the guidance and assistance of Supporters Direct (SD), the umbrella organisation for over 180 supporters’ trusts established in the UK since 2000. Over the last eighteen months, SD has helped bring the likes of Wrexham FC, Wycombe Wanderers, Exeter, AFC Wimbledon into community ownership.

For further information on the fund and details on how to contribute please download the following PDF documents.

Forever Shots Fund Overview

Forever Shots Application Form

Alternatively make a one off donation via PayPal below



Forever Shots Fund FAQs (we expect these will be updated on  a regular basis)


How much money is currently in the Forever Shots Fund?

As of October 2014 there is £13 000. This is money that members opted to transfer into the Forever Shots Fund when the Escrow Account was closed in January 2014.


Can the Forever Shots Fund be used to purchase a minority shareholding in the club?

No, the terms and conditions of the Forever Shots Fund make this clear. The Forever Shots fund can only be used to purchase a majority shareholding in the club (50% + 1 share) and then only with the consent of each individual contributor.


What is the point of the Forever Shots Fund?

The purpose is to build up a substantial fund to give credibility to The Shots Trust long term aspiration for a community owned club. In June 2013 the Escrow Account raised over £80 000 in a few weeks and whilst this was in response to the administration crisis, it demonstrated remarkable support for the ambition of a community owned club for Aldershot.


How much money do we need in the Forever Shots Fund?

Good question! As much as fans are able to deposit. The more money in the fund, the greater our credibility with regards to purchasing a majority shareholding in the club. The initial target would be to reach £50 000.


Can I withdraw the money if I want to?

Yes. Should you wish to withdraw your money, you simply need to request this in writing to The Shots Trust.


What happens to any interest pain on the account? 

Any interest accrued will remain in the Forever Shots Fund to be used solely for the purposes of the fund.


Will The Shots Trust run the club if they gain a majority shareholding? 

No. The Shots Trust and its members would appoint/elect the board of directors to run the club. The board of directors would be accountable to The Shots Trust, who would require the club be run sustainably for the benefit of its supporters and the community.


Does the launch of the Forever Shots Fund cause a conflict with the current club board’s objectives?

No.  The Trust remain committed to helping the club by promoting it in the wider community to attract supporters.  We will also continue to support club initiatives such as player sponsorship, and special projects that support the long term success of the club.  The Trust and the club’s  board of directors have a common interest in wanting the best for the football club and its supporters  in order to help it develop,  attract support and most importantly ensure that the club is managed on a sustainable basis.


Does the launch of the fund direct funds away from the club?

No.  The Trust support the club board in their bid to run the football club on a sustainable business model based on other income streams such as match day revenue, merchandise and sponsorship. The launch of the fund is not intended to impact the club’s income stream.  It gives supporters the opportunity to contribute towards the aspiration that one day in the future, the club could be owned by the supporters. The Trust will actively continue to support the club and use our monies to help fund special projects in the interests of the club both now and in the future.


Are The Trust trying to bid to take over the club?

No.  The launch of the Forever Shots Fund simply allows the Trust to position itself to bring the club into community ownership in years to come whenever that opportunity arises; perhaps  5,10, 15 or 20 years in to the future. We have been very impressed with the direction of the club since the takeover last summer and the club board’s commitment and efforts to run the club on a sustainable basis.


Why are the Trust launching the Forever Shots Fund?

In May 2013, we conducted a survey which showed of 750 supporters who responded,  95%  supported the principle of Aldershot Town FC becoming a community owned club.  As current  Shots Trust directors and Aldershot fans ourselves, we believe that we have both a mandate and a duty to our membership to ensure that the Trust is in a position to one day take the club into community ownership – however many years down the line that may be.


Is the launch of the Forever Shots Fund an indication that the Trust are planning for failure?

Absolutely not.  We remain fully supportive of the current club board and their efforts to run the club on a sustainable basis and to engage with our local communities. The Forever Shots Fund will ensure that the Shots Trust is in a position to take the club into community ownership should the need or opportunity ever arise.


How would the Trust buy the club?

The most likely route would be through the issue of “Community Shares”. The Forever Shots Fund provides proof of a financial commitment from fans and the funds to proceed with any offer for the club.  Before making any offer for the club, the Trust would establish exactly what it is buying and that it could ensure a financially viable and sustainable football club. If a Community Share Offer is issued, The Shots Trust would issue a detailed proposal along with full terms and conditions. At this point you would be able to use money deposited in the Forever Shots Fund to purchase community shares or request a return of your money but absolutely nothing will be done with your money without your consent.

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