By | September 29, 2020

In a year badly affected by Covid-19, the Trust Board has been considering how best to arrange the AGM.  We are keen to ensure that members are kept fully up to speed with what we have been doing but are concerned with the implications and risks of formal gatherings whilst the virus is still a risk.

We considered using Zoom to allow all of you to have your say. However, in discussion with those Trusts who have already used Zoom for their AGMs, it became clear that they’d had limited success. Too many voices, vying with each other to speak, sometimes not being heard at all due to technology problems… short, not at all satisfactory.

We have therefore decided that we will issue the accounts, a Chairman’s update and a general overview of the year to all members by 13th September.  There will then be a two-week period within which members can raise questions (by 27th September) specifically on the documents and more generally on anything at all that concerns you.  We will respond to ALL questions within a further two-week period, i.e. by 11th October.

We will aim to organise a traditional, face-to-face meeting as soon as it is deemed safe to do so; hopefully that will be possible early in 2021.  We’ll keep you advised!

The Shots Trust

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