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Update from the Chairman

I hope I find you well in these testing time for us all?  Please find below the letter that I, as Shots Trust Chairman, sent to the Chief Executive of Rushmoor Borough Council, on Tuesday 9th February.

The Trust remains committed to ensuring that the ground development process at ATFC is completed to the best possible standard, with the prospect of the Football Club gaining the maximum benefits and potential this development should bring. The Trust am more determined than ever to ensure that this happens: I will continue to contact both the Council and Football Club, offering our help and assistance in every way possible.

The Football Club still hasn’t made contact with us, despite the Council’s encouragement, but we are undeterred! I will ensure we keep making contact with all parties, with the sole aim of ensuring that the development process sees ATFC flourish! This is wholly about the Football Club, and it’s vital that ATFC’s future remains at the forefront of everybody’s minds.

If you would like to contact me, either to offer assistance to the Trust or to discuss this matter further, then please email me at

Stay safe and best wishes!

Tommy Anderson


Dear Mr Shackley,

When we last spoke on the subject of the Aldershot Town Football Club lease extension, you advised that consideration of the lease would be part of the work of Councillor Martin Tennant, who would manage it as part of his responsibilities of Major Projects and Property portfolio within the Rushmoor borough.

On the 28 May 2019, the Cabinet agreed to the granting of a new lease once planning permission for development at and around the grounds of the stadium had been agreed.  Since then, 21 months have passed and there appears to have been very little progress made. At least, nothing has been communicated stating otherwise from either Rushmoor Borough Council or Aldershot Town Football Club Limited, the legal limited entity controlling ATFC.

You will be aware that the Shots Trust represents the views of over 350 Aldershot Town Football Club supporters but, more importantly, through membership drawn from across the area, we also represent many residents and voters in the Rushmoor Borough area. The proposed development will have an impact on their day to day lives. On their behalf, I would be grateful if you could answer some pertinent questions, which are as follows….

  1. Has planning permission been officially granted and, if so, are there any significant changes to the terms?
  1. Can you confirm that, as agreed, a football stadium must be part of the development?
  1. If planning permission has yet to be granted, could you please tell us what the holdups are and if we at the Trust can assist in any way?
  1. Have external market forces and, in particular, the Covid-19 pandemic led to a postponement of discussions and negotiations between the Football Club and Rushmoor Borough Council?
  1. Is Aldershot Town Football Club Limited still the main player in these discussion, or have new/additional stakeholders joined the discussion?
  1. The current lease agreement sets a deadline of 31st December 2022 for planning consent for the proposed development works to be achieved. Is there potential for an extra extension to be put on the table, if planning consent has not been confirmed by that date?

I would also refer you back to your own Council minutes of Tuesday, 12th November, 2019, which recorded that you intended to ask the Club to improve communications on this matter with both the Shots Trust and supporters generally. Sadly, there has been absolutely no communication from the Club to the Shots Trust on this subject. We would appreciate your further encouragement to them to engage with us.

I look forward to receiving your earliest possible response,

Kind Regards,

Tommy Anderson

Chairman, Aldershot Town Supporters Trust

 Cc: Ian Harrison


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