By | September 16, 2013


Following the events of the summer, the Directors of the Trust resumed their regular monthly meetings in August, when they welcomed new director, Ian Barnett, to the Board.

Meeting MinutesAs a result of the resignations of Terry Owens and Peter Bridgeman at the AGM, there were now vacancies for Chairman and Secretary to the Trust, and Ian Goodwright was subsequently elected as Chairman.  This left a vacancy for Vice-Chairman and John Orme was elected to this post.  Janet Guess has also joined the Board as Trust Secretary.

200 new members had joined the Trust and their membership cards were in the process of being prepared.  Also available soon would be new share certificates and membership leaflets which would reflect the increase in membership fees agreed at the AGM.

The Trust were keen to increase membership and to maximise the use of the Community Stand for which the Trust has an allocation of 25 seats per league match (paid for by the Trust’s £5,000 debenture) and to this end were conducting presentations to various youth organisations, including the NE Hants Youth League AGM.  As an initiative to increase junior membership, all juniors who purchased season tickets before 31 August would be provided with free membership.  The Trust Directors would also be providing a presence at the front of the ground on match days to raise the Trust’s profile and provide information to supporters.

The Trust have been asked by the Football Club if they would be prepared to run the Club Shop and were conducting a feasibility study into this.

The Trust will be continuing to hold regular meetings with the Football Club Board of Directors and will provide summaries of these meetings separately.



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