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The Shots Trust

Summary of meeting of the Board of Directors

Monday 10 February 2014 at the Electrical Services Stadium


Trust LogoAttendees :  Ian Goodwright (IG) (part), John Orme (JO), Bob Green (BG), Janet Guess (JG), Peter O’Donnell (PO), Tommy Anderson (TA),


Apologies for absence

Apologies were received from Ian Barnett (IB), Stuart Griffiths (SG), Sefton Owens (SO). Vanessa Storey (VS)


Ground as a Community Asset

PO had attended the Supporters Direct meeting where this had been discussed and had some interesting information.  It was agreed that a sub-committee be formed of PO and IB to investigate this further and prepare a report to be sent in advance of the meeting.



Two cases of wine had been given to the winners of the draw with one remaining to be collected at the next home game.


Matchday Publicity

The Trust had been approached by volunteers willing to distribute posters but these had not yet been provided.  It was agreed to include this on the agenda for the meeting with the Football Club Board.


Frank Burt Centenary

This had gone very well and had been a good example of the Club as a Community club.  Frank had been pleased with the gift of a blanket from the Trust.  Representatives from the Kidderminster Trust had attended and presented Frank with gifts.  It had been interesting to discuss with the Kidderminster Trust how they supported the Football Club and their representatives had also had discussions with the Football Club directors.


Sales of Away Programmes

Paul Blundell had passed the money he had received from the sales of these programmes to BG.  BG would pass these on to be deposited in the Trust account.


Escrow Account

There was still £8,300 remaining in the account and it was agreed that any monies remaining in the account after the contributors had had the opportunity to hand in their forms at the next home game, would be refunded.  IG would instruct DWF to issue cheques to these individuals.  It was also agreed that IG would contact these people to advise them of the possibility of handing their forms to BG in the meantime.  Once all the information was received, acknowledgements would be sent to all contributors.


So far £300 had been transferred to the main Trust account, £9,725 to the Forever Shots account and £7,600 returned to individuals.  Once the Escrow account was clear, a communication would be prepared to send to all supporters in March.


Supporter Survey

This had gone live the previous week and 367 replies received so far.  Paper copies had still to be distributed due to the cancellation of matches.  TA would contact Steve Gibbs to request a link to the Survey from the Club website and was having a meeting with Jon Couch of the Aldershot News for an article to appear about the Survey in the local paper.  He would also be interviewing IB for the local radio.



Twitter followers were now up to 324 and 144 on Facebook.  TA would like to put a link to the Trust website on Twitter and Facebook.   Good feedback had been received regarding the Away travel to Havant & Waterlooville.

There had been problems with the scoreboard, and both CHS and LED were making improvements to this.


Away Travel

The Knights minibus  had been used for the away travel to Barnet which had made a profit, as had the trip to Havant & Waterlooville.  The minibus would again be used for the trip to Dartford, no travel would be arranged for Alfreton and it was likely that travel would be arranged for the trip to Hyde.


Community Stand

Bookings for the Stand were going really well although the number of cancelled games was causing problems.  JO contacted the clubs as soon as he was aware of the cancellations and they were rebooking for future matches.

With a view to encouraging future supporters, it was agreed that the Trust should attend the NE Hants League Managers AGM to outline the success of the Community Stand initiative so far.



Some memberships had been renewed at the revised rates and IG had sent out reminders for those people whose memberships had ceased in January.  The new leaflets were now available.


Meeting with Football Club Board

This was scheduled for 6.30 pm on Thursday, 27 February, and attendees were agreed as IG, TA, JG and it was hoped that IB would be able to attend to give an update on the Supporter Survey.

It was agreed that the items the Trust would like to discuss were :

  • A merchandise stall next to the Trust gazebo
  • Share issue
  • Update on East Bank bar and toilets
  • South Stand food outlet


Fleet Half Marathon

The Phoenix mascot would be taking part in this on behalf of Step-by-Step.


Any Other Business


Perspex Side for South Stand

Reade Signs had not yet provided a quote and were having to conduct a structured survey



JO said there was a free-standing whiteboard which was available and would be ideal to put next to the Gazebo to advertise away travel, etc


Relationship with Shots Supras

The Supras had asked that TA represent their views to the Trust and he was happy to do this.  This was considered by the Board as a very positive step forward.


Donation of Wine

More cases of wine had been donated and the Board discussed  possible competitions for these..


Date of Next Meeting

This had been agreed for Monday, 3 March 2014, 7 – 9 pm at the ESS Stadium.


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