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Minutes of meeting of the Board of Directors

Thursday 12 February at the Electrical Services Stadium

Attendees : Ian Barnett (IB), Bob Green (BG), Janet Guess (JG), Dave Donovan (DD), Peter O’Donnell (PO), Sefton Owens (SO) and Tommy Anderson (TA)


  1. Apologies for Absence

Apologies for absence were received from Ian Goodwright (IG), Jason Berney (JB), and Stuart Griffiths (SG)


  1. East Bank Bar

A request had been received from Andrew Clark of Clarks Catering for a contribution from the Trust towards the costs of the bar for £450 for 20 ton of shingle and between £250 and £300 for a new door and lock for the gents’ toilet. Those present were in favour of this donation provided there was some recognition of the contribution by the Trust, eg a plaque stating ‘partially funded by the Shots Trust’. There was some discussion on whether members’ approval was required for this expenditure with most being in favour of going ahead but it was agreed to see the views of those not present.



  1. Approval of the minutes of the meeting held on 15 January 2015

The minutes were circulated prior to the board meeting and were received by all. These were approved by the meeting and the Chairman signed accordingly.


  1. Matters arising not on the agenda


  1. Pictorial History of Aldershot
    An article introducing this project would be in this Saturday’s programme.
  2. SO Website expenses

SO agreed to provide his bank details and proof of expenditure to enable these to be paid.


iii.        Website – Director Profiles and Photos

JB had not yet provided his profile and photo.


  1. Pop Up Sign

BG had uncovered the relevant sign and would bring it to the next Saturday game to see if it was useful.


  1. Financial Report

DD and IG had arranged to meet on 27 February to pursue the transfer of duties to DD.


  1. End of Season Supporters Match

BG said it was unlikely that a date could be found for this match.

vii.       Website

SO had updated the website which he demonstrated to the meeting. All were impressed and agreed to provide feedback to SO.


  • Membership

JG said that she was willing to help BG with the Membership Secretary duties and it was agreed to meet with IG once the Treasurer duties had been transferred to DD.



  1. Community Stand

IB was still to send John Orme the Community Stand spreadsheet. It was agreed to offer John the position of Community Advisor to the Trust.


It was also considered desirable to co-opt other relevant advisors to the Trust.


  1. Bid Update

The Bid Team had held several meetings and Nick Igoe’s report had now been received. This had been circulated to the rest of the Trust Board with the request that the Board approved the following resolutions:

1) To authorise the Chair of the Shots Trust to confirm to Shahid Azeem and the board of ATFC that the trust intends to proceed with it’s bid to takeover the club

2) To confirm the appointment of Ian Dawkins as Business Consultant to the Shots Trust

3) To confirm the appointment of Nikki Bull as Football Consultant to the Shots Trust

4) To authorise the Bid Team to discuss and propose terms under which individuals or businesses can provide guarantees to underwrite The Shots Trust’s takeover bid

5) To agree that, because of a significant conflict of interests, Bob Green is excluded from being party to these discussions and from voting on the above resolutions

These resolutions had all been approved unanimously and IB had emailed Shahid accordingly. However, Shahid had replied that the current offer had been withdrawn and offered the Trust a meeting at 3 pm on 25 February. As this time was not convenient, IB had emailed Shahid asking for alternative dates in the evening. It was agreed that any decisions could not be taken until the meeting although all Board members were asked to investigate the implications of the Club becoming a Community Interest Company.


It was also agreed that the Bid Team would keep the rest of the Trust Board aware of any major developments.

ACTION : Bid Team


  1. Finance Report

DD reported that the current balance of the Forever Shots Fund was £11,860.17 with £4,000 being withdrawn in January.


  1. Fundraising

TA said that he had 20 people interested in joining the Lucky Sevens next season. It was agreed that it was important that the Trust become involved in more fundraising activities and BG agreed to look into the possibility of a lottery or scratch cards.



  1. Help Your Football Club

IB had received a request from Neil Baker to promote his financial advisor services via the Trust social media in return for receiving a percentage of the any sales made to Shots supporters.


  1. Aldershot Military Festival – 27 June 2015

It was agreed that the Trust should have a presence at this.


  1. End of Season Raffle

The Trust Board had received a request from the Football Club to sell the End of Season draw tickets and IB and DD agreed to take books, as well as these being on sale at the Trust Gazebo on matchdays.



  1. Vanarama Big Day Out

It was hoped to combine a trip to the Vanarama Play Off Final with a tour of the ESS and lunch at the Club before the trip to Wembley and TA and IG were liaising about this.



  1. Trust Day

It was agreed to leave this until next season.


  1. Any Other Business


  1. Signed England Shirt

TA agreed to collect this from Terry Owens so that it could be auctioned.


  1. Trust Rebrand

IB had drafted a revised logo for the Trust which gained the Board’s approval.

iii.       Handover of Newsletter

TA had had two meetings with IG to discuss this, with more planned. However, it was agreed that it was important to get a newsletter published.

  1. Mascot Design Competition

The Trust Board agreed on a winner of the design with further consideration to be given to a further competition to decide a name.

  1. Publication of Minutes

It was agreed that full minutes would be published, starting with the next meeting.


  1. Date of Next Meeting

This had been agreed for Wednesday, 11 March 2015 at 6.45 pm at the ESS Stadium.


The meeting closed at 9 pm

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