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Minutes of meeting of the Board of Directors

Wednesday 8 April at the Electrical Services Stadium

Attendees: Ian Barnett (IB), Bob Green (BG), Ian Goodwright (IG), Janet Guess (JG), Tommy Anderson (TA), Dave Donovan (DD), Sefton Owens (SO) and Scott Simpkin (SS)


  1. Apologies for Absence

Apologies for absence were received from Ian Dawkins (ID), Jason Berney (JB) and Peter O’Donnell (PO)


  1. Welcome

DD attended his last meeting following his resignation last week. He offered his continuing support and if ever he could support any activity asked that the Board feel free to contact him


  1. Approval of the minutes of the meeting held on 11 March 2015

The minutes were circulated prior to the board meeting and were received by all. These were approved by the meeting and the Chairman signed accordingly.

It was agreed that all minutes, once approved, would be placed on the Trust website within 7 days – ACTION: SO, TA, SS


  1. Matters arising not on the agenda


i.SO Website expenses

SO was still to provide his bank details and proof of expenditure to enable these to be paid. These need to be provided by the end of April or they would not be paid in order to facilitate completion of Accounts


ii.Pop Up Sign

BG had uncovered the relevant sign and would bring it to the Chester game to see if it was useful. IB would be on duty at front of ground and will review it.


iii.Community Stand

John Orme (JO) had accepted the position of Community Advisor to the Trust and it was agreed that JO, IB and BG would meet to discuss the plans for next season. As part of that meeting a strategy for midweek matches would be agreed



BG had previously circulated details of Kidderminster’s lottery and the meeting agreed this was something that the Trust was not in a position to replicate. IB will speak to ID about bringing the PlayerShare scheme under the Trust banner and jointly reinvigorating this

            v.Vanarama Big Day Out

IG and TA would be arranging coaches but no details available on the night of take up. This will be republished to try and encourage more take up.


The Club will email fans who have bought vouchers to advertise the availability of the coach although many have been bought en bloc my clubs etc.



Newsletter – SS has sent two out so far and is now confident going forward so long as some support remains available if he encounters any issues. The Newsletter will come from the Shots Trust email in future rather than personal accounts. IG confirmed he will continue to support SS whenever needed.

SO, IG, SS and TA to liaise on the look and feel of the Newsletter going forward.


Accounts – IG has spoken to Mike Greenwood who confirmed he will undertake the Audit again for the Trust. The accounts will be finalised by IG by the end of the week and passed over for the Audit to be completed by the end of April.


With the resignation of DD a new Treasurer-elect is needed and IG will speak to Mike Greenwood and see if he would be willing to take on the role although IG will continue to the end of the season and through the close season as there is very little financial activity during this period.


The vacant role will be advertised on the next Newsletter.


Discussion took place about Job Descriptions and SO and IG both seemed to remember these being produced in the past. They will see if they can find them.


Membership – IG, BG, JG will meet in early May to facilitate this.


Discussions took place about creating a package of discounts/benefits for Members to help attract them. IB will speak to Clark’s Caterers about discounts at the East Bank Bar



  1. The Future Direction of the Trust


i.The Best Way Forward’ document had been circulated previously for comments and agreed to be adopted as a framework for the Trust going forward.

ID is arranging a meeting for interested parties on 29th April at a venue to be decided where the document and the Trust’s plans and aims would be discussed. Attending from the Trust will be IB, TA and ID. Other invited parties known about at this stage include business associates of ID and other names to be confirmed. This will be a round-table format to discuss and promote the Trust philosophy. ID will be sending IB a list of his associates attending in advance.

  1. A full meeting with the Board of the Football Club has been arranged for 16th April and representing the Trust at this meeting will be IB, ID, SO, PO, TA. At this meeting the Trust will advise the Football Club of ‘The Best Way Forward’ and investigate how the Trust can work with the Club.

iii. BG raised an idea to lay a 3G pitch on one of the tennis courts behind the East Bank which he intends to place before the Board of the Club, However, he asked that if the Trust would support this initiative. After discussion it was felt that this was a scheme that the Trust would, in principle, support


  1. Annual General Meeting


After discussion it was agreed to set the date for the AGM as Wednesday 17th June.

IB to confirm attendance of ID.


The Vision document will be circulated to members for comments in advance of the AGM so that a final version can be agreed and presented for approval at the AGM.


An AGM sub-committee of SO, IG and IB set up . IG to send IB the communications used for past AGMs. All printed matter to be ready for issuing by email or post by 16th April – the sub-committee will meet and organize stuffing envelopes for those needing postal notice.


BG to invite the Manager to undertake a Q&A after the AGM






  1. Any Other Business
  1. Army Show – This is being run at Guildford this year and will not have a Community day so it looks unlikely the Trust will be able to be there. BG to look into this a bit more and see if there is an opportunity for the Trust


  1. Gurkha Cup – discussed having a presence at this event but it was decided it was too short notice now
  • Vice-Chairman – following Stuart Griffiths resignation a vacancy exists for a VC. IB has spoken to PO and TA and both are willing to consider taking the role. Nominations have to be in by 14th
  1. Graham Brookland’s book launch – it was agreed that TA would represent the Trust. A discussion ensued after which it was decided that IB would invite Graham to the meeting being arranged by ID at the end of April. ACTION : IB
  2. Forest Green Rovers away travel – IG advised the meeting of a number of incidents that had taken during the journey to and at the Forest Green match recently. The main incidents were:
    1. A window was broken on the minibus
    2. A passenger was sick on the minibus
    3. Underage drinkers had loaded drinks of Coke with alcohol before boarding and were ‘fuelled up’ accordingly
    4. A Shots supporter, , was glassed in a pub in Nailsworth by a fellow Shots supporter. The perpetrator was arrested.
    5. Ornaments were taken from a shop next to the pub in which d) happened and smashed
    6. Two panels of glass in the pub door were smashed.

IG was spoken to by the police concerning the regulations affecting Official Away Travel reference stopping within 10 miles of the ground (in Nailsworth to drop passengers off) and alleged drinking on the minibus.

Police videoed all passengers as they boarded the minibus before returning to Aldershot.

The £400 cost of the broken window in the minibus will be taken from out deposit.

IG proposed banning a number of individuals from future Trust Away Travel. In addition, all passengers on the minibus will be written to warning them as to their future behaviour. As an act of contrition he suggested those responsible for bringing shame on the Football Club join the upcoming Step by Step Big Sleep Out and also pointing out the costs to the Trust of the broken minibus window. Parents of any under-age individuals will also be contacted. These actions were agreed


  1. Email addresses

SO is setting up individual emails addresses for all officers in the format of ‘name/role@shotstrust’. These can be set up to either be accessed directly or automatically forwarded to a nominated personal email account. If anyone wants their emails forwarded let SO know.


  • JG Raised the issue of the efficacy of the Front of Ground Rota

IB asked that this be added to next month’s Agenda due to time constraints.



  1. Date of Next Meeting

This was agreed for Tuesday, 5 May 2015 at the ESS.


The meeting closed at 10.00 pm.


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