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Minutes of meeting of Board of Directors

Wednesday, 10 October 2018


Attendees : Janet Guess (JG), Mick Lee (ML), Robin Carder (RC), Sean Chambers (SC) and Tommy Anderson (TA)


  1. Apologies for Absence

There were no apologies for absence.


  1. Approval of Minutes of Meeting 12 September

These had been previously circulated and agreed and uploaded to social media and the website.


  1. Matters Still Arising not on the Agenda
  2. BadgesSC had purchased these and they should be arriving within the next few days.
  3. Football Friends – SC was still waiting for contact from the Community Engagement Officer at Everton but would telephone him again.


  • Christmas Raffle – it was agreed that this would not go ahead.
  1. Evening with Gary – this was still to be agreed.


  1. Darts Night – TA had spoken to Mike Titmus and now had details of agents to contact.


vi..          Away Travel to Salford  – TA would get prices from alternative coach companies as it was not possible to use D&P currently


vii           Storage : TA had spoken to Bob Green who had said that there was storage available at the Football Club.  It was agreed that ML would take this further with Bob.



  1. Financial Report

ML provided current figures.


  1. Chairman’s Report

TA said that this was something he never wanted to say but, in the best long-term interests of the Trust, his recommendation was to resign from the Football Club Board.


[Tommy went on to provide verbal summary information from the preceding months of business. This covered financial information, staff information and board voting decisions that can’t be released publicly due to the NDA between the Trust and the Board].


TA had met with two well respected advisors, close to the Trust and the Club, for advice and they were fully supportive of the decision to resign and had offered their support.


It was therefore decided unanimously to resign from the Football Club Board.


Next Steps – The next steps were for TA to inform the Club and issue a statement on Shotsweb, the Trust website and social media 15 minutes later.  It was agreed that TA would notify the Club of his decision at 9.45 am on Monday, 15 October and RC announce on social media. etc at 10 am.


Future Trust Direction – it was agreed that it would be important for the Trust to question the Club’s decisions going forward  It was decided to continue with Boost the Budget to support the playing budget for this season but only pay money over against specific invoices.  Further decisions would be made once the situation had become clearer.


The statement was then agreed.


  1. Any Other Business
  2. Programme Notes- it was agreed that TA write these for the Kettering programme.



  1. Date of Next Meeting

This was agreed for Wednesday, 14 November, 7 pm at Brewers Fayre, Aldershot.


The meeting closed at 8.30 pm

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