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Tuesday, 12 April 2016 at the ESS Stadium

Attendees : Ian Barnett (IB), Sean Chambers (SC), Bob Green (BG), Janet Guess (JG), Nick Cave (NC), Tommy Anderson (TA), Robin Carder (RC) and Mick Lee (ML).

1. Apologies for Absence

Apologies for absence were received from Ian Goodwright (IG), Ian Dawkins (ID) and Sefton Owens (SO).

2. Welcome to Mick Lee and Robin Calder

IB welcomed both to the meeting, Mick as potential Treasurer to replace Ian Goodwright and Robin following a meeting with him regarding Shotsweb and in the spirit of a closer relationship between Shots fans groups.

ML had been contacted by IG and was considering taking on the role of Treasurer. He felt it important that an income and expenditure report, with bank reconciliation, was available at each Board meeting, and this was welcomed by those present. He was keen to receive more information on the role and TA agreed to send him the job description and ask IG to contact him again.


IB had met with RC who was keen for all the different factions at the Club to work together better and Robin had already had meetings with Steve Gibbs to discuss how Shotsweb and the Club could help each other, and we was keen to also have this relationship with the Trust. He had plans to refresh the Shotsweb website and would include greater links with the Club and the Trust. He was the sole moderator of the site but asked that the Trust Board members contact him directly if they saw anything detrimental on the site. RC indicated that he might be willing to join the Trust Board and JG agreed to send him the relevant paperwork.


3. Approval of Minutes of Meeting of 9 March 2016

These had previously been circulated and agreed subject to amendment for upload to social media and the website.


4. Matters Still Arising Not on the Agenda

i. Phoenix Mascot – Rainbow Production were keen for us to purchase the whole costume but it was agreed to just have a new head. BG agreed to pursue this.


ii. Supporters Direct – IB had sent the necessary form and agreed to check with IG whether the cheque for £200 had been sent. He had not yet had confirmation from IG and would pursue.


iii. Website/Comms – TA would review the Trust website and report back at the next meeting. ACTION: TA.

iv. Non-League Magazine – The magazine had not been purchased but the article would be uploaded to the Trust website and on social media. TA agreed to send the copy to be uploaded on the website.


v. Hospitality Ticket Competition – IB apologised having confused the dates for the prize and unfortunately there had not been hospitality available in the EBB Lounge for the winners. They had access to the Patrons’ Lounge instead with EBB Lounge hospitality available for the Boreham Wood match. TA agreed to contact them.


vi. EasyFundRaising – IB reiterated the potential of Easyfundrasing and expressed disappointment as the lack of take up. It was agreed to purchase £25 worth of photo frames so that posters advertising this could be put up in the toilets. SC agreed to do the relevant printing. IB agreed to purchase the frames once NC had checked how many were needed.


5. Board Position

IB and TA had had various telephone correspondence with Brian Bloomfield. The Football Club Board were meeting on the Thursday and would come back to TA/IB after that with the club board now favouring the Trust to be offered a place on the Club Board. IB/TA would keep the Trust board updated.


6. Annual General Meeting

Those present were asked whether they were willing to remain on the Board and IB said that he might be willing to stand down as Chairman in favour of TA, especially as TA would be the Trust’s representative on the Football Club Board. IB and TA would agree the best way forward. JG agreed to contact those not present.


The paperwork would need to be sent to members to arrive by 3 May and 27 April was earmarked as an envelope stuffing day if this could not be done previously. SC agreed to do the necessary printing.

Brian Bloomfield had agreed to attend the AGM and BG agreed to ask Barry Smith if he and a player would attend.


It was expected that IG would have the accounts prepared and approved in time for the meeting but TA agreed to confirm this with him.


7. Website/Comms

There were now 606 followers on Twitter, Facebook likes of 378. A report of the successful and enjoyable Tour of Duty had been reported on the social media and TA would prepare an update with details of Scott Simpkin resigning and thanks to him, and an AGM update.

The website had now been launched. RC had joined on line and found this relatively straightforward. He suggested that a premium could be included for those joining using Paypal to offset the cost. JG agreed to find out the cost of each Paypal transaction.




8. Shots Trust Cafe

The Café had been visited by the Environmental Health Officer at the recent evening match and this had gone very well with 5 out of 5 marking. Once the certificate had been received, this would be displayed and put on social media. The only slight adverse comment was the fact that NC stored some goods at his home but this would soon not be the case with the purchase of a freezer.

NC was still keen to provide refreshments to away fans and would put forward a detailed proposal for this.


9. Fundraising

NC had volunteered to run this and provided a list of suggested events which had been well received. He suggested a Shots Trust scratch card and had already found details of a company that would supply 2000 A7 size scratch cards at a cost of £183. The Trust could dictate the winnings and the design and the company would do the rest. He agreed to find out more details.


He also suggested a Christmas raffle with tickets on sale from September. It was agreed to discuss fund raising further in the close season.

10. Player of the Year – Voting for this would take place at the Boreham Wood game and Ian and Carol Read had agreed to help with this, which was greatly appreciated. BG also suggested that voting slips be available in the Club Shop and NC agreed to have some in the Trust Café. The presentation would take place before the Southport match and BG agreed to ask Barry Smith if this could be after the warm up.


11. Any Other Business

i. Euro 2016 CompetitionIB agreed to contact SO to ask him to run a competition similar to those run previously.


ii. University of Surrey Freshers’ Fayre – IB had been contact regarding this with an offer of 10% reduction if booked now, having attended the past 2 years. However, it was agreed to make a decision on this at a later stage to make sure there were volunteers to man the stand as the fayre is during the day mid-week.

iii. Step by Step Sleep Out – This was something the Trust had taken part in previously and SC agreed to take part. TA agreed to find out the date, etc.


iv. Trust Office – This needed sorting and JG and NC agreed to do this in the close season.


12. Date of Next Meeting

To be decided.

The meeting closed at 8.55 pm.


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