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Tuesday, 12 January 2016 at the Crimea Public House

Attendees : Ian Barnett (IB), Janet Guess (JG), Nick Cave (NC), Scott Simpkin (SS) and Tommy Anderson (TA)

1. Apologies for Absence

Apologies for absence were received from Bob Green (BG), Ian Goodwright (IG), Sefton Owens (SO), and Sean Chambers (SC).

2. Matters Still Arising Not on the Agenda

i. Shots Trust Café Publicity – JG had taken some photos of the Café which she would use in her programme notes. IB had provided fliers which included a map showing the location of the Café as well as fliers to advertise the Christmas specials . He had sourced a sign to be put on the ground outside the Café door at a cost of £100. It was agreed to go ahead with this and IB would order.


IB had purchased a closable notice board which NC would put up before the next home match.


IB agreed to provide some notices for this.


ii. Treasurer – NC had contacted a neighbour, Mick Lee, who had agreed to take on this role. He would work with IG until the end of the season and then take over.

iii. Phoenix Mascot – It was agreed just to purchase the head and BG agreed to organise this.


iv. Lucky 7s SS was still to do join Lucky 7s and agreed to do so.


v. New Membership drive TA had approached some major food outlets in Aldershot but they were not willing to provide discounts for Trust members. He agreed to approach local companies.


vi. Graham Brookland evening – IB was still to pay £25.


vii. Supporters Direct – IB and IG were completing the necessary form and would send this to Supporters Direct with a cheque for £200.


viii. Trust Branded Clothing – NC agreed to look to the possibility of t’shirts, sweatshirts or jackets for the Trust Board.


ix.. Garden of Remembrance

IB was still to speak to Kelly Chambers about this.


x. Website/Comms – The new website was now almost ready to launch and IB and SO were to move the old site over.


xi. Away Fans Feedback –TA had gained feedback from the Guiseley fans and forwarded this to the Football Club Board. IB agreed to contact Chester for feedback from their fans.


xii. Possible Joint Event – IB had proposed the idea of a ‘meet a player dinner’ and was yet to approach the Football Club Board about this although t was agreed to do this in the summer.

4. Financial Report

No financial information was available but NC updated on takings in the Trust Café.

Expenditure on food so far – £2210

Expenditure on equipment – £ 437

Income – £5355

He estimated a profit for the season of £4500 less rental of £100 per match.

5. Role of the Trust

IB and TA had met with Brian Bloomfield before the last home match and reported that the Football Club Board would like to work more closely with the Trust. IB confirmed that he would liaise with Brian Bloomfield to try and agree a way forward ahead of the AGM. If something can be agreed, then a proposal would need to be put to the Club plus member approval would need to be gained, either at an EGM or the AGM if this could be arranged for March. JG agreed to consult IG regarding this and the possibility of having the accounts ready for March and check the requirements for a vote in the Trust rules.


IB agreed to draft a proposal after taking advice from the Kidderminster Trust and Supporters Direct. TA also agreed to contact the Woking Trust.


6. Lucky 7s

Dave Donovan had provided a report of progress so far

Profit so far – £1,227

Number of weeks played – 21

Number of weeks to go – 20

Additional profit if we had got and extra 20 players would have been – £420

Money so far paid to Trust – £521 (PayPal and cash you’ve collected)

Money still held by me – £706 (includes £50 rolling pot)

The second half of the season will generate less profit pro rata as the three £100 prizes (Cup, Overall season top scorer and top of the Premiership at the end of the season) will need to be paid out.

7. Sub-Committee Reports 3

i. Website/Comms – The Player of the Month photos had been uploaded to the website and social media, which was still thriving.

ii. Community Stand – There was still a lot of interest in this with Rushmoor Saints at the Chester match and two groups booked for Kidderminster. Problems were caused when the Trust allocation was overbooked and TA agreed to talk to Tony Roberts to ask if he would be willing to release some of his allocation for Trust use when required.


iii. Fundraising IB was taking part in the Fleet Half Marathon and agreed to gain sponsorship for this for Trust funds. He agreed to provide a poster for the Café to try to raise sponsorship.


TA suggested a sponsored walk to Bromley for the last game of the season.

IB suggested running a quiz as Keith Able would no longer be running these. NC suggested a quiz and a curry to be held towards the end of the season. SS also volunteered to be the quiz master. JG agreed to find out what Keith charged.


8. Any Other Business

i. Frank Burt’s Birthday – TA reported that it would be Trust President Frank’s 102nd birthday just before the Kidderminster match and suggested the Trust mark this occasion with a gift. After some discussion, it was agreed to purchase a cushion and a thermal mug to be engraved appropriately.


ii. Tranmere Match – JG said that she would not be at this match so someone needed to do Front of Ground duties and make sure the Player of the Month presentation took place. IB volunteered to do this.


iii. Meet the Chairman – IB would take part in this Club initiative prior to the Kidderminster match..

iv. Catering – NC said that he and his wife had provided a buffet for 150 juniors at the Chester match making a £250 profit for the Trust. It was suggested that the Trust could use this facility and an event for those using the Community Stand would be considered for the Easter holidays. Everyone to consider ideas and to be included on the agenda for the next meeting.


NC was asked if he would be prepared to provide the same service as the Café at the other side of the ground. He said this was possible but he would need to employ staff.

9. Date of Next Meeting

The next meeting was arranged for Monday, 8 February 2016, 7 pm at the ESS.

The meeting closed at 9.00 pm.


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