By | November 9, 2016

Attendees : Bob Green (BG), Janet Guess (JG), Sean Chambers (SC), Nick Cave (NC), Tommy Anderson (TA), and Mick Lee (ML).

1. Apologies for Absence
Apologies were received from Robin Carder (RC).

2. Approval of Minutes of Meeting of 5 September 2016
These had previously been circulated and agreed and would be uploaded to social media and the website.

3. Matters Still Arising Not on the Agenda
i. Trust Competition Winner – Jim Stevenson’s signed shirt had not yet been collected and it was agreed to contact him one more time and, if he didn’t respond, to give the shirt to a junior member.
ii. Trust membership and signs – The Trust Office signs had now been removed from the old Trust Office and BG offered to ask the volunteers if they could put a sign on the outside of the ticket office so that people would know where to renew membership.
It was also suggested that the Trust roller board be used to point towards the office. BG agreed to look into this possibility.
iii. Tommy’s workload – TA and SC had agreed to meet to discuss this.

4. Financial Report
ML now had access to online banking and the current situation was as follows :

Main account £4699.74
Lucky 7s £0.23
Forever Shots £14,207.18
Paypal 1 £1080.65
Paypal 2 £388.24

It was agreed that money could be transferred from Paypal and just leave £100 in the accounts.

Standing order payments had been received for Boost the Budget and ML agreed to advise TA and JG of any such payments.

The Trust had received an invoice for £2100 from the Club for sponsorship and, although the Club had agreed for this to be paid in instalments, it was agreed that the full sum be paid when due as the funds were available. BG agreed to supply ML with the invoice.

The next step with the handover of the accounts was for ML and Ian Goodwright to have a final meeting. ML to arrange.

5. Chairman’s Report
TA reported that all was going well with the Football Club Board being very supportive. The Trust had sponsored the ball for the recent match and a donation £200 for Boost the Budget had been received from those attending. Some would also be joining the Patrons at Christmas.

The next event was the Sportsman’s Dinner on 4 November at which the Trust had a table. Four tickets for this had been auctioned at the Race Night and it was agreed to offer the remaining tickets at half-price (£30) to Trust members. JG and TA to prepare a communication to include an update from TA on progress so far.

TA felt that the current Trust Board was very effective and he was pleased with the volunteers who had come forward to sell the 50:50 tickets, and also to Chris for being the deputy Phoenix.

4. Forever Shots
The response to the letter sent to the Forever Shots members had been encouraging with more agreeing to transfer their deposits to the Trust than ask for refunds. It was agreed that those who had not yet responded be sent an email with their letter attached, asking for their decisions. If no response was received, their deposit would be transferred to the Trust.

5. Cash for Shots
JG had taken over the administration of this from Keith and Viv Able and was currently arranging the bank account signatory change. She was designing a flyer which she would send to SC for printing once finalised.
It was agreed that the numbering be tidied up to assist with the weekly draw, and for the draw to take place on a Friday when Mike Pusey or Linda Scard were present.
ACTION : BG to liaise with Steve Gibbs

6. Fundraising
i. Race Night – It was agreed that this had been a successful evening although lessons would be learnt for further such events.
ii. Scratchcards – This was going well although some outlets were not selling many cards. It was agreed that Perspex boxes be purchased to display the scratchcards.
The Crimea had already sold 300 cards and had taken a further 600. SC agreed to approach a further two Aldershot pubs with the view to them selling the cards.
iii. 50:50 – This also going well with a good team of volunteers selling the tickets on behalf of the Club.
iii. Shots’ Quiz – Tickets for this were not yet selling well but there was still a month to go. Ian Barnett was not available to act as quizmaster so NC agreed to do this. Barbara Lake had agreed to run a raffle and would provide some of the prizes. It was agreed that NC ask Peter Stanford if he could provide 5 pre-questions to aid with publicity.
v. Christmas Raffle – It was expected that the tickets would be received the following day. The cost of the tickets was £160 for 10,000 and they would be sold in books of five at £1 a ticket. It was agreed that a poster needed to be designed and NC agreed to arrange this

7. Any Other Business
i. Membership draw – It had been agreed that members joining or renewing before the end of September would be entered into a draw for a bottle of wine and the names of Nigel Apsden, Jo Gayton and Linda Carter were drawn. JG agreed to let them know.
ii. Potential Catering opportunity – TA said that the Club were keen for the Trust to take over the catering on the North side of the ground. NC was keen for this but asked that the Club provide the premises for this before he came up with a business plan. TA and BG agreed to take this forward.
iii. Trust Stationery – JG said that she was running short of letterhead and membership cards, and also compliments slips would be useful. SC offered to provide this.
iv. Feedback – NC had had a discussion with Heather Nicklinson and subsequently received an email from her outlining several suggestions for improving communication for the Club. He agreed to forward this to TA.
v. Clip frames – JG suggested that it would look more professional in the Ticket Office if posters were in frames rather than stuck to the wall and it was agreed to purchase four clip frames.

8. Date of Next Meeting
This was agreed for Tuesday, 8 November 2016, 7 pm at the EBB.

The meeting closed at 8.45 pm.