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Minutes of meeting of the Board of Directors 

Wednesday, 13 June 2018 at the Queen Victoria, Aldershot 


Attendees :  Janet Guess (JG), Robin Carder (RC), Sean Chambers (SC) and Tommy Anderson (TA)  


  1. Apologies for Absence 

Apologies for absence were received from Mick Lee (ML). 


  1. Approval of Minutes of Meeting of 14 March 2018 

These had previously been circulated and agreed and uploaded to social media and the website. 


  1. Matters Still Arising Not on the Agenda 

i.Boost the Budget contributors – TA had contacted the contributors regarding the change of bank account, one of whom had changed.  He would chase the others. 


JG agreed to send SC the bank details so that he could restart his contributions. 


ii.Badges – SC has said that he could source badges with a poppy and the Shots badge and it was agreed that he purchase some for next year. 


iii.Insurances – It was agreed that the Board would investigation the possibility of insurance for one-off events. 



4.Financial Report 

ML had provided current figures to the Board. 


5.Chairman’s Report 

TA reported that there had been a turnaround of players with several players leaving the Club.  However, new signings had been made but could not be announced whilst the players were still being paid by their existing clubs.  TA was confident that we would have a very competitive team by the time the season kicked off. 


The Summer Party had been a huge success with all the Trust guests enjoying the experience. 


Regarding the incident involving Sergeant Jason Holford, the Club had always found him to be very professional and approachable and to have a very good relationship with everyone at the Club.  Whilst the investigation was taking place, the Club would make no further comment. 


New roles at the Football Club would be advertised for a Marketing Office, a Ticketing and Merchandising Officer and a part-time cleaner.  These were being funded by the admin role being made redundant and the media manager being made part-time and changed to Communication Officer.  The Club were also recruiting a new Foundation person as Mark Simmons’ contract had not been extended. 


Three new Board members would shortly be announced who would all be putting a cash injection into the Club. 


Bob Green had agreed to stand down from his position of the Trust Board and TA was hopeful of recruiting at least three new Board members. 


A figure of £20,000 had been agreed for the Trust to pay to the Club for the coming season.  This was the same as previous seasons. 

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i.Boost the Budget – The publicity push for Boost the Budget and Cash for Shots would go ahead at the start of the season to include 

  • An on-line interview with TA, Gary and a player to talk about Boost the Budget 
  • Followed by an interview with Terry Owens and Graham Brookland 
  • To get Kappadeano involved 


  • Leaflet drop round the new housing estates for Cash for Shots.  TA had someone who would do this for a reasonable remuneration. 
  • Boost the Budget and Cash for Shots leaflets needed to be updated. 


  • Social media coverage 


  1. Sponsor A Goal – It was agreed that this had been a success and would continue next season.  There were still some pledges outstanding. 
  1. Class of 2008 – This would still take place at some stage but more discussion was required  

iv.Soul Night – It was agreed not to continue with this as the logistics were proving challenging. 

v.Evening with Gary – TA and JG agreed to talk to Gary to agree a date in September.. 


vi.Quiz Evening on Historic Aldershot – It was agreed to contact Keith Bean, the owner of the Facebook site regarding incorporating his book launch with the quiz night. 


vii.Graham Embley – Genealogy Business – Graham had become sponsor of the Club’s e-newsletter and had agreed to donate to the Trust 10% of any new orders placed by Shots’ fans quoting ‘Wadfather’ before March 2019.  He would be looking into the history of the Anderson family and post to the Club website. 

viii.Terry Owens – Terry had volunteered to give 20% of his fee to the Trust for any gigs he performed at.  This was much appreciated by the Trust and RC agreed to advertise Terry’s services on the Trust website. 


ix.Darts – TA agreed to contact Mike Titmus who was an expert on darts events with regard to putting on an event at the Club. 



7.Annual General Meeting 

A provisional date of 27 September 2018 was agreed with Gary Waddock being invited to attend. 


8.Any Other Business 

i.Betting SiteThere was a betting site that offered profit share to supporters’ groups and RC agreed to look into this. 


ii.Passing of Shots’ fans – SC expressed his thanks to TA, Shahid Azeem, Terry Owens and Graham Brookland for attending his Mum’s funeral in May.  SC’s sister Kelly was keen to agree a consistent approach with the Football Club regarding the celebration of their lives and TA agreed to discuss with Mike Pusey and Terry Owens. 

iii.Membership – JG was aware that memberships had expired but was experiencing problems with the date system on the new database.  RC agreed to look at this. 


iv.Football Friends – SC suggested an evening for older supporters regarding recognition of photos of old footballers which was ideal for dementia sufferers.  It was agreed to take this forward and involve Terry Owens. 



9.Date of Next Meeting 

This was agreed for Wednesday, 18 July 2018, 7 pm at the Brewers Fayre, Aldershot.   


The meeting closed at 8.26 pm. 

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