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Minutes of meeting of the Board of Directors

Wednesday, 1 July 2015 at the Electrical Services Stadium

Attendees : Ian Barnett (IB), Ian Dawkins (ID), Darryl Evans(DE), Ian Goodwright (IG),Bob Green (BG), Janet Guess (JG) and Tommy Anderson (TA). Sefton Owens (SO) participated in part of the meeting by phone. Dave Donovan (DD) attended part of the meeting.


  1. Apologies for Absence

Apologies for absence were received from Scott Simpkin (SS).


  1. Welcome to Darryl Evans

IB welcomed DE to the Trust Board who in turn expressed his intention to help develop the Trust further.


  1. Roles and Responsibilities

The following were agreed :

Chairman : Ian Barnett

Vice Chairman : Tommy Anderson

Treasurer ; Ian Goodwright agreed to maintain this role until 1 August. However, it was imperative that this vacancy be advertised. TA had already advertised it on the Trust social media but would also put it on Shotsweb and would send the relevant information to IG to enable him to would send out a newsletter requesting a volunteer once ID had approached Julian Palmer.


ID also said that he would ask Julian Palmer if he would be interested in joining the Trust Board, particularly in the position of Treasurer.


Membership : Janet Guess and Bob Green had taken on this role.

Community Ownership Team : Ian Dawkins, Darryl Evans, Ian Barnett and Tommy Anderson

Events Coordinator : Darryl Evans with Ian Dawkins as assistant


TA agreed to contact SS and SO to discuss their roles.



It was agreed not to use the tile of Director.

 It was agreed that it was important for the Board to increase.   Sean Chambers and Ray Hedgman were interested and TA agreed to ask his uncle and father.


It was also agreed that people did not have to join the Board to help and volunteers, such as Mike Hammond, would be sought.


  1. Approval of the minutes of the meeting held on 9 June 2015

The minutes were circulated prior to the board meeting and were received by all. These were approved by the meeting and the Chairman signed accordingly.


Previous minutes were not yet on the Trust Website and it was agreed that it was imperative that the website be kept up to date.

ACTION : SO to upload minutes

It was agreed that TA also be able to upload documents and SO agreed to send him the instruction manual.



  1. Lucky 7s

DD was welcomed to the meeting to discuss the fundraising initiative, Lucky 7s which had raised a considerable amount of funds for the Trust last season and which he hoped to extend for the coming season. He had prepared a proposal which was mainly accepted by the Board.


IG to set up Lucky 7s bank account

DD to send IB blank spreadsheet to develop and include Trust logo

IG to send DD and IB details of Trust Gaming licence and promoter

DD to help man the Trust gazebo for first home game to promote the competition.


  1. Matters arising not on the agenda


  1. Community Stand

It was agreed that the Trust would purchase three blocks of Community Stand tickets for next season with ID and DE purchasing at least a block each which might come under the Trust banner at a later stage. DE suggested the Trust run a competition on Twitter for local schools to win tickets for the Stand and he and TA would liaise on this.



  1. Fundraising

ID was still to talk to Nick Fryer about the PlayerShare scheme coming under the Trust banner and it was agreed that IB speak to Nick and Keith Able to explain how the scheme could work with Trust involvement.



iii.        Website

TA, SS and SO were still to have a skype meeting to discuss posting information to the website.



  1. Job Descriptions

These were still to be completed.


  1. Footgolf

DE agreed to take responsibility for arranging this.


  1. Meet the Players

The ‘meet the players’ session would be arranged once the playing squad had been finalised.


  • Old programmes

TA was still to approach Keith Able about the money owed for Trust programmes.



  1. Rules

As the changes to the rules had not been approved at the AGM, it was agreed to take the opportunity to review them closely to take back to an EGM. IB and JG agreed to take the lead on this.



  1. Plans for Next Season
  2. Front of Ground

It was agreed that the front of ground be manned for the first five home games of the season with as many Trust Board members as possible in attendance. This would then be reviewed with a view to manning the gazebo once a month with away travel bookings, etc being taken in the bar area or next to the media box at other matches.



  1. Phoenix Mascot

DE agreed to take responsibility for arranging the new mascot costume. IG agreed to send him the relevant information.



iii.        Away Travel

IG and TA agreed to take responsibility for this.


  1. Conflicts of Interest

IB and JG agreed to take responsibility for this.


  1. Community Events

Various events were discussed including :

  • Freshers Fairs
  • Sandfest
  • Farnborough colleges
  • Farnham Round Table events
  • Local school fetes

DE agreed to take the lead on these.


  1. Meeting with the Football Club Board

IB, TA, ID, DE and JG would attend the meeting on behalf of the Trust with Shahid Azeem, Brian Bloomfield and Andy Muckett expected to represent the Football Club. The aim of the meeting was to establish good relationships with the Board and agree a way forward to benefit the Football Club.


Projects were discussed which would benefit the Football Club and which the Trust could contribute to include :


  • the cost of portable loos for segregated games
  • getting the small scoreboard fixed
  • contributing to the cost of the larger scoreboard and advertise on this.


It was agreed that DE would lead the meeting, and that the Trust would meet in the Crimea at 6 pm on the day to go through the approach.



  1. Any Other Business
  2. Trust Office – it was not clear what plans the Football Club had for this next season and it was agreed to bring it up at the meeting with the Board.


  1. Rochdale Coach Invoice – this had not yet been paid and DE suggested that, as a gesture of goodwill, the Football Club percentage of costs be reduced or waived completely.


  1. Date of Next Meeting

This was agreed for Wednesday, 5 August at 6.45 pm


The meeting closed at 9.55 pm.


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