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Minutes of meeting of the Board of Directors
Wednesday, 22 March 2017 at the EBB Stadium, Aldershot

Attendees : Janet Guess (JG), Mick Lee (ML), Bob Green (BG), Robin Carder (RC), Sean Chambers (SC), and Tommy Anderson (TA).

1. Apologies for Absence
There were no apologies for absence.

2. Approval of Minutes of Meeting of 8 February 2017
These had previously been circulated and agreed and would be uploaded to social media and the website.

3. Matters Still Arising Not on the Agenda
i. Trust Sign – This has still not been removed from the Trust Office and BG was still to arrange for the volunteers to put this outside the Ticket office.
ii. Scoreboard – After investigation, it has proved too expensive to repair the scoreboard and RC and the volunteers would take this down during the summer. He suggested that it be replaced with a board, referencing Frank Burt and thanking the volunteers. TA agreed to discuss this with the Club Board.

4. Financial Report
ML provided current figures which were :

Main account £9.444.85
Lucky 7s £0.23
Paypal 1 234.71
Paypal 2 £388.24

ML said that the Trust Café was averaging an income of £343.15 per match which was very impressive. There was some discussion on the rental paid to the Club and whether this should be subject to VAT. ML agreed to discuss with Mike Greenwood.

ML had received some supporting documentation from Ian Goodwright but was arranging a meet with him to finalise details by the end of March. He had also made contact with Mike Greenwood and would be meeting him once the accounts were ready to examine.

ML would need the Trust’s share certificate to support the AGM paperwork and BG agreed to arrange this.

SC still had to pass over £50 from the Christmas Draw sales and agreed to do this.

5. Chairman’s Report
TA stated that Sam Waters had left the Youth Department and Lee Collier had taken over with Gary and James overseeing the scheme which was very good news.

The Shareholders’ meeting had been attended by 21 shareholders and had gone smoothly with no contentious issues.

6. Fundraising
TA had held two meetings with Jo McDonald who would be helping the Trust with fundraising going forward.

i. Boost the Budget – This now had a page in every programme. It was important that contributions to this continued to increase and TA had promises of large donations next season from supporters. Acquisition of the new account was almost complete and this would be publicised.
ii. Scratchcards – Sales for these were beginning to struggle although sales in the EBB at Saturday’s match had been encouraging.
iii. Cash for Shots – This now had just over 140 members and it was agreed to contact all shareholders to do a mail shot to encourage more participation. TA agreed to ask Tim Russell for the appropriate database and he and JG would compose the mail shot.
iv. Class of 2008 – A date for this would be agreed once next season’s fixtures were known.
v. Bucket collection – ML suggested holding a bucket collection in aid of Boost the Budget and this was considered an excellent idea.
vi. Future events – TA would discuss a potential darts’ tournament with Mike Titmus who had experience in this field.
A sponsored walk to a local match would be arranged once the fixtures were known, and consideration would be given to holding quizzes and a race night next season.

7. Sponsorship
JG was keen that the Trust sponsor the Junior Shots club and agreed to provide details of costs and benefits for the next meeting.

8. Website/Social Media
RC was now more active on twitter and would increase his activity on Facebook. He had prepared a new Trust website which all agreed was an improvement. It was agreed to include a section on the Player of the Month. ML agreed to provide a photo and short profile.

9. Membership
It was agreed that this needed to be relaunched and RC and JG agreed to work on redrafting the mission statement.
The membership needed a new design and TA agreed to ask Goldstation if they would be interested in sponsoring this.
JG agreed to approach John Leppard regarding a discount for Trust members in the Club Shop and Clarks regarding benefits for members from the catering outlets.

10. Trust Café
TA had approached the Catering Departments of the local colleges and they had shown some interest in manning the Café. He would continue to pursue this. However, it was agreed that stock purchase and control was the major problem and RC did offer to help with this if no other solution was available. Because profits from the Café would be reduced due to the payment of wages, TA agreed to approach the Club regarding a reduction in rent.

11. Annual General Meeting
Arrangements were in hand for this to be held on 17 May in the EBB Lounge and the initial communication had been sent to members.
It was agreed to hold a pre-meet attended by ML, RC, TA and JG and this was agreed for 5.30 on 25 April.
Mike Pusey would be attending the AGM as the Trust President and TA agreed to ask Gary Waddock if he would like to attend.

11. Any Other Business
i. Summer Ball – It was agreed to offer eight tickets to Trust members for this event at a reduced price of £40 per person. JG/TA to draft email.
ii. Membership system – RC and JG would look to replacing this with something more user friendly.
iii. Merchandise – SC said that supporters had mentioned the lack of stock and the limited range in the Club Shop. BG said that the Club were already looking at this for next season.
iv. Tour of Duty to Solihull – it was agreed to TA get a quote for coach travel to this match and would circulate for approval.

11. Date of Next Meeting
This was agreed for Wednesday, 19 April 2017, 7 pm at the EBB. ML and RC tendered their apologies for this date.*

The meeting closed at 8.55 pm.

*NB – due to lack of availability the Meeting scheduled for 19th April didn’t happen. The next Trust Board meeting was in Late May, following the AGM. Full details of both to be posted once Minutes have been approved

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