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Tuesday, 3 May 2016 at the ESS Stadium

Attendees : Ian Barnett (IB), Sean Chambers (SC), Bob Green (BG), Janet Guess (JG), Nick Cave (NC), Tommy Anderson (TA), Robin Carder (RC) and Mick Lee (ML).

1. Apologies for Absence

No apologies for absence had been received.

2. Approval of Minutes of Meeting of 12 April 2016

These had previously been circulated and agreed and would be uploaded to social media and the website. RC agreed to obtain details from Sefton Owens to facilitate this and IB agreed to give RC Sefton’s contact details.


3. Matters Still Arising Not on the Agenda

i. Phoenix Mascot – Rainbow Production were keen for us to purchase the whole costume but it was agreed to just have a new head. This was still outstanding as BG was awaiting notice of whether Rainbow still held our deposit or had returned this. He would discuss this with Ian Goodwright.


ii. Supporters Direct – IB had sent the necessary form and agreed to check with IG whether the cheque for £200 had been sent. He had not yet had confirmation from IG and would pursue.


iii. Hospitality Ticket Competition – The two winners of the competition had enjoyed the EBB Lounge hospitality at the Boreham Wood match.

iv. Poster Frames – NC had purchased 30 frames which he would put up during the close season for advertising easyfundraising and Trust activities. He agreed to also order 30 for the Football Club and find out the price for A3 frames.


v. Shots Trust Café – NC was working on the proposal for providing refreshments to away supporters.


vi. Euro Competition – RC to discuss this with Sefton Owens.


4. Annual General Meeting

JG had written to Ian Dawkins and Sefton Owens acknowledging the difficulties they had attending meetings and suggesting they stand down from being a Board member but that their expertise and experience would still be welcome. ID had responded agreeing with the suggestion.

Accounts – TA agreed to contact Ian Goodwright to ensure that the accounts were available prior to the AGM so that these could be included in the presentation, and to confirm that Ian would be attending the meeting to present these.


Board Position – TA had met with all the Directors of the Football Club, except Meg Gurung, at the Boreham Wood match and all were supportive of the Trust having representation on the Board with the aspiration of the Trust raising funds each year. It was felt important that the Trust receive shares in return for any money raised.

TA said that Shahid Azeem had mentioned in a radio interview that the Trust would be changing its constitution, which was not the case, so TA agreed to discuss this with Shahid.


It was important that the AGM documentation be posted to the Trust website urgently, including a document outlining the Trust position and answering the questions raised by supporters.

Arrangements for the Night


IB/BG to check room/equipment set up.

BG/JG to sign members in and well raffle tickets at £1 each with prize of Jim Stevenson’s signed shirt.

IB to prepare presentation

SC to provide red and blue cards for voting purposes

BG to ask new manager to attend

ALL Board members to arrive by 6.45 pm.

5. Any Other Business

i. Mascot Grand NationalJG to ask Will Strudwick if he would be interested in the Phoenix taking part in this at the Vanarama Big Day Out.


ii. Twenty-Five – RC pointed out that it was 25 years since 1992 and thought something could be done with this during the season.

iii. Step by Step Sleep Out – It was agreed to mention this at the AGM and ask for sponsorship and if anyone else would like to participate.


iv. Community Stand – BG said that this would be administered by the Club next season with debentures still being sold.

12. Date of Next Meeting

Annual General Meeting at 7.30 pm on Tuesday, 17 May 2016.

The meeting closed at 8.30 pm.


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