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Minutes of meeting of the Board of Directors

Tuesday, 3 November 2015 at the Electrical Services Stadium

Attendees :  Ian Barnett (IB), Bob Green (BG), Janet Guess (JG), and Scott Simpkin (SS). Sean Chambers and Tommy Anderson (TA)


  1. Apologies for Absence

Apologies for absence were received from Ian Goodwright (IG), Sean Chambers (SC), Sefton Owens (SO) and Tommy Anderson (TA).  Darryl Evans (DE) did not attend.


  1. Approval of the minutes of the meeting held on 6 October 2015

The minutes were circulated prior to the board meeting and were received by all. These were approved by the meeting and the Chairman signed accordingly.  These had already been uploaded onto the Trust website.


  1. Matters still arising not on the agenda
    1. Trust Café Update-JG had asked DE if he could provide a massive sign at the entrance to the tunnel and another pointing into the Café at the door, perhaps to include what food.  ACTION : DE – progress unknown.

It was agreed that this was an urgent requirement and BG volunteered to approach Carlo at Bridges to see if he could help and JG to ask SC if this was something he could help with.


  1. PlayerShare- IB to contact Keith Able to discuss Shots Player Share scheme coming under the Trust umbrella. It was agreed to put this on hold for the time being.

iii.        TreasurerTA agreed to continue to advertise for a Treasurer.  He also agreed to produce a newsletter which SC would copy ready to distribute at the next home match once JG had proof read the document.  ACTION : TA/JG/SC Still outstanding

  1. Phoenix Mascot- It was agreed that price would dictate whether a complete new costume or just a head be purchased and JG had contacted DE in this regard. His progress was unknown, BG agreed to take this on.  ACTION : Still outstanding.
  2. Lucky 7s TA, SC and SS agreed to join. Still outstanding
  3. Registered Name JG had contacted Companies House regarding changing this and had discovered that it was registered with the Friendly Societies. It was also explained that the change of name would necessitate a rule change so it was agreed to leave this until the full change of rules.

vii.       Trust Debit Card – It was agreed that the Trust should have a debit card and IG agreed to arrange this.  Our current account did not allow this and it was agreed not to pursue this at the present time.

viii.      New Website – IB needed to ensure that Paypal was linked with this and would contact SO to facilitate.  SO had solved the problem of the link with Paypal, which would cost £2 per week and it was agreed that we should go ahead with this.  Different methods of payment for membership, etc. were discussed, including Direct Debit, and it was agreed that further discussion was required.

It was agreed that JG, SS and TA would do a final check on the website before going live and IB agreed to forward a link to all.  IB still to send link

  1. Membership – The draw was made for the bottle of wine for new membership and renewals during September. JG had contacted the winner who had collected his prize.
  2. New Membership driveTA agreed to contact Ray Hedgman at the Crimea regarding discounts for Trust members on non-match days and also to approach Wimpy and McDonalds in Aldershot.  Progress unknown.
  3. Graham Brookland evening – TA had booked a table and it was agreed that tickets to join the Trust table should be offered to Trust members at £25 per head.


xii.       Frank Burt – It was agreed that the Trust would fund a fire seat for Frank at a cost of £200.  Alex Clark was pursuing this.

xiii.      Chair Lift – BG agreed to find out costs for this but had discovered that it was not practicable.

xiv.      Trust Parasol –JG had contacted John Orme, who had provided a quote for this.  JG had sought approval from the Board and eventually IB and TA had agreed the purchase.  JG had therefore informed John who was progressing the order.


  1. Financial Report/Treasurer

IG reported that there was approximately £12,000 cash/ current account and £9000 in Paypal plus £9,000 in Forever Shots.


  1. Trust Cafe

This was still going well although it was agreed it was not worth opening for Chelsea U21 games as the South side of the ground would not be open.  It was agreed that future plans for the Café should be discussed in the New Year.  Nick had made a suggestion that a notice board be placed in the Café for Trust news and this was agreed.  BG agreed to try to source this initially.


IB suggested that a large price list be easily visible in the Café and agreed to discuss this with Nick, along with price list flyers which could be distributed around the ground.



  1. Supporters Direct

IB had spoken to Jacqui Forster of Supporters Direct and had subsequently received an email from her.   It had emerged that we were no longer registered with them.  IB agreed to complete the necessary form to facilitate this.


Jacqui had suggested that it would be useful for the Trust Board to foster a relationship with Tracy Jarvis regarding Community links and IB agreed to talk to Brian Bloomfield about this.


Jacqui had also suggested that the Trust should liaise with Away supporters and this had also been requested by the Football Club Board.  IB had taken on this task and would continue to do so.

IB agreed to forward Jacqui’s email to all.


  1. Sub-Committee Reports
  2. Website/Comms – SS had sent out a newsletter recently but suggested that it would be more productive to concentrate on social media and Shotsweb communication and to really push this. It was agreed that a sticky be placed on Shotsweb regarding the Trust guarantee to run coaches for the rest of the year, plus a message to advertise each individual match.



  1. Community Stand – No volunteer had yet been found to help IB with this and he agreed reluctantly to carry on with the administration until a replacement came forward. Good feedback had been received after the Bromley match from those in the Stand ad bookings were being received for future matches.  The Trust had also gifted some of their allocation for some matches to Paul Marcus.


iii.        Player of the Month – BG agreed to contact the engraver to arrange the Trophy and would collect this for presentation of Sunday before the Bradford match.  He and TA would ensure that everyone that needed to know, was informed.


JG agreed to arrange for someone to make the presentation.


BG agreed  to ask Barry Smith if the presentation could be made later than last time as not many people were in the stadium to witness it and to let JG know.



  1. Any Other Business
  2. Trust AGM – IB suggested that this be held earlier, preferably during the season or shortly after and JG agreed to find out the date of the end of the financial year to see if this would be possible. .


  1. Front of Ground – JG suggested it would be useful to have a large corkboard at the Trust table so that Trust notices could be put on there. It was agreed to pursue this.


Discussion was also held on whether the current membership cards should be replaced by something more professional and IB agreed to pursue this.

Action : ib

  • T’shirts – DE had taken on the task of sourcing Trust branded clothing but no known progress had been made on this. JG agreed to contact DE for an update.


  1. Date of Next Meeting

The next meeting was arranged for Tuesday, 1 December 2015, 7.30 pm at the ESS.  This would follow a meeting with the Football Club Board attended by IB. TA and JG.


The meeting closed at 8.30 pm.

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