By | January 13, 2017

Attendees : Janet Guess (JG), Nick Cave (NC), Robin Carder (RC), and Tommy Anderson (TA).

1. Apologies for Absence
Apologies for absence were received from Bob Green (BG), Sean Chambers (SC Mick Lee (ML).

2. Approval of Minutes of Meeting of 8 November 2016
These had previously been circulated and agreed and would be uploaded to social media and the website.

3. Matters Still Arising Not on the Agenda
i. Trust Signs – BG was still to arrange for the volunteers to put the Trust sign outside the Ticket office.
ii. Tommy’s Workload – TA and SC were having on-going discussions to regarding this.
iii. Transfer from the Paypal Account – ML was still to arrange transfer of all but £100 of the funds held in the Paypal account to the Trust bank account.
iv. Trust Stationery – SC was still to provide Trust letterhead, compliments slips and membership cards and would have these in ready for the next meeting.
v. Paypal Account – ML was still to transfer the money from this account into the main Trust account, leaving £100 in Paypal.

4. Financial Report
ML was not present but had provided a comprehensive financial report with bottom line figures being :

Main account £9,682.18
Lucky 7s £0.23
Forever Shots £9,682.18
Paypal 1 £1,099.57
Paypal 2 £388.24

ML had now received the outstanding cash from Ian Goodwright.

5. Chairman’s Report
TA reported that all was going well with the Football Club Board continuing to be very supportive and he was becoming more and more involved in Club activities and being given more responsibility. He was now working more closely with Gary Waddock and the first team. The Boost the Budget initiative had now funded its first player and the Club were happy to work with the Trust on this.

TA thought it was time to send an update to members and would circulate a draft to all for comment, for publication at the weekend.

6. Forever Shots/Boost the Budget
The deadline for responses regarding Forever Shots had now passed and it was agreed that all remaining funds be transferred to the main Trust account for Boost the Budget, although money would be ring fenced to be able to repay anyone who subsequently asked for their donation to be returned. Therefore £9,682.18 would be transferred.
It was agreed that there should be a Boost the Budget committee of TA and ML to check that finances were in place before agreeing any funding.

7. Fundraising
i. Scratchcards – Sales were steady, especially at the Crimea, but it was agreed that individuals were needed to sell the cards. SC was still pursuing opportunities for two local pubs to sell the cards.
ii. Christmas Raffle – Sales were going well although NC was disappointed with these. There was some discussion on whether it was ethical to sell these at the Shots’ Carol Service and TA agreed to discuss with Mike Pusey.
iii. Cash for Shots – JG reported that there were 126 contributors and she hoped that numbers would increase following publicity. She was disappointed in the amount of take-up from the Trust Board and Football Club officers.
iii. Shots’ Quiz – This has been a success, though not as successful as NC had hoped. It was agreed to hold a general quiz in February once NC had checked the date.
iv. Future Events – Future events were discussed including Darts’ Day in the Summer for local darts’ clubs, and a possible beer festival. It was agreed to hold a Class of 2008 Dinner in the EBB Lounge in March and TA agreed to discuss this with Gary Waddock.

8. Website
RC was improving the look of the website and was considering moving it to the same hosting as Shotsweb where he could improve it more. There was some discussion on whether to include programme notes on the site and it was agreed to consider this again next season.

9. Trust Café
NC reiterated that he would be standing down at the end of the Season to concentrate on selling scratchcards, etc although it was hoped that he would continue to oversee the Cafe. It was agreed that it would probably be necessary to pay someone to run the Café.

The Football Club directors were now looking at outside caterers for other catering outlets at the EBB and therefore NC would not pursue the possibility of North Stand catering.

10. Any Other Business

i. Trust President
TA agreed to write to Mike Pusey inviting him to take on this post.
ii. Junior Shots Meet and Greet the Players
This was being held in the EBB Lounge on 23 December. NC agreed to provide some Christmas snacks, TA to dress as the Phoenix and to approach the Source for some suitable table games. TA would also ask Gary Waddock if he would conduct the Christmas Draw.

10. Date of Next Meeting
This was agreed for Wednesday, 11 January 2017, 7 pm at the EBB.

The meeting closed at 9.30 pm.