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Minutes of meeting of the Board of Directors

Wednesday, 8 August 2018 at the Brewers Fayre, Aldershot



Attendees :  Janet Guess (JG), Mick Lee (ML), Robin Carder (RC), Sean Chambers (SC) and Tommy Anderson (TA)


  1. Apologies for Absence

There were no apologies for absence


  1. Approval of Minutes of Meeting of 13 June 2018

These had previously been circulated and agreed and uploaded to social media and the website.


  1. Matters Still Arising Not on the Agenda
  2. Boost the Budget contributors – TA had contacted the contributors regarding the change of bank account, several of whom had now changed. ML agreed to chase the others if JG could provide their addresses.


  1. Badges – SC had already sources and sold some badges with a poppy and the Shots badge and it was agreed that he purchase 200 more at a price of £133 per 100 for sale towards Poppy Day at a price of £3 for one or £5 for two, with a possible donation to the British Legion.


iii.       Football Friends – SC agreed to contact the Community Engagement Officer at Everton FC for advice on this.



  1. Financial Report

ML had received insurance renewal information from Aston Lark and it was agreed to go ahead with this despite the increased admin fee.


ML had provided end of financial period figures for presentation to the AGM and would contact Mike Greenwood for him to approve the accounts.  As Mike had retired and would shortly no longer be authorised to do this, it was agreed that all should investigate a replacement accountant.



JG agreed to check when paperwork needed to go out for the AGM and TA agreed to chase the share certificate.



ML provided current figures.


  1. Chairman’s Report

The Football Club had now made three new appointments of Media Officer, Marketing Officer and Ticketing and Merchandising Officer.  On behalf of the Trust, TA wished to thank Steve Gibbs and Michelle Paver for their efforts and to wish them well.


Kappadeano (Dean Martin) would no longer be doing his alternative videos for the Football Club.  TA had had discussions with him where he explained his reasons why.  Dean held a meeting with the Football Club at the beginning of last season where there was talk of added support and potential sponsorship.  Dean stated that neither had materialised and he had ended up out of pocket as a result of this.   He then made the decision to call it a day and stop providing his services to the Football Club.


TA thanked RC and Dave Donovan for their assistance at the recent Season Ticket and Shirt collection day.  We had a lot of membership renewals, Lucky 7s entries and genuine interest on the day.


TA and Terry Owens represented the Club at the Manor Park Fun Day and generated a lot of interest from kids and parents.  He would like to thank Rak Owens and Barbara Lake for their help there.


There had been a lot of negative comment about the bars, food and prices of which the Chief Executive was aware.


  1. Fundraising
  2. Boost the Budget – Funds from Boost the Budget would initially cover accommodation costs for Dominic Bernard and Adam McDonnell and TA agreed to arrange a photo of these two with Gary and TA before the Harrogate Town match to be used for publicity.


The publicity push for Boost the Budget and Cash for Shots was still to go ahead at the start of an on-line interview with TA, Gary and a player to talk about Boost the Budget  and hopefully an interview with Terry Owens and Graham Brookland


The leaflet drop round the new housing estates for Cash for Shots was still to go ahead.


  1. Sponsor A Goal – There were still two pledges outstanding from last season which SC and TA agreed to chase.


JG agreed to contact last season’s contributors to ask them to continue.


  • Christmas Raffle – TA and JG agreed to contact Laura Smith and the new Marketing Officer to discuss this.


  1. Evening with Gary – TA and JG were still to talk to Gary to agree a date in September..


  1. Quiz Evening on Historic Aldershot – TA said he would agree a date for this with Keith Bean.


vii.       Graham Embley – Genealogy Business – Graham had had one booking through the Football Club and would be donating £11.20 to the Trust.

viii.      Darts  Night – TA would discuss this with Mike Titmus once Mike returned from holiday.


  1. FansBet – This had been launched and the initial payment would be received in October.


  1. Away Travel

A successful trip had been made to Chesterfield despite the result.  It was agreed to run a coach to Salford, Leyton Orient and possible Maidenhead.


  1. Any Other Business
  2. Season ticket – Comment was made that the picture on the back of the ticket was of an away ground.


  1. Trust banner – RC had purchased a banner for the Trust which could be used at the AGM and possibly in the Ticket Office. SC agreed to print another one.


iii.       Quarterly Newsletter – It was agreed that this be provided in paper format as well as on-line and TA agreed to make this pledge at the AGM.


  1. iv. AGM – RC agreed to provide the slides for this provided SC could source and operate the laptop.



  1. Date of Next Meeting

This was agreed for Wednesday, 12 September 2018, 7 pm at the Brewers Fayre, Aldershot.


The meeting closed at 9 pm.

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