By | March 24, 2017

Attendees : Janet Guess (JG), Mick Lee (ML), Nick Cave (NC), Robin Carder (RC), Sean Chambers (SC), and Tommy Anderson (TA).

1. Apologies for Absence
Apologies for absence were received from Bob Green (BG).

2. Approval of Minutes of Meeting of 11 January 2017
These had previously been circulated and agreed and would be uploaded to social media and the website.

3. Matters Still Arising Not on the Agenda
i. Trust Sign – This has still not been removed from the Trust Office and BG was still to arrange for the volunteers to put this outside the Ticket office.
ii. Trust Stationery – JG agreed to design the new Trust stationery and SC would print Trust letterhead, compliments slips and membership cards.
iii. Trust President – TA was pleased to confirm that Mike Pusey had accepted the position of Honorary Trust President. This would be announced for the Bromley match.
iv. Scoreboard – RC was in contact with LED regarding repairs to the Trust scoreboard and agreed to contact Colin Cresswell regarding putting information on the board should it be repaired. TA agreed to let RC have Colin’s email details.

4. Financial Report
ML provided current figures. He had not yet received the supporting documentation required from Ian Goodwright for the annual accounts. He had not yet contacted Mike Greenwood regarding auditing the accounts and JG agreed to resend him Mike’s contact details. ML agreed to contact Ian Goodwright.

Current figures were :

Main account £21,562.19
Lucky 7s £0.23
Paypal 1 214.63
Paypal 2 £388.24

5. Chairman’s Report
TA stated that the Club had appointed Bob Lambert as General Manager until further notice. Bob has previously worked in a similar role at Brentford, a position he held for over 24 years! The Trust would like to welcome Bob onboard and will seek to assist and work with him where possible. Brian Bloomfield and Meg Gurung had left the Board. Tania, the Admin Assistant, had left the Club and a full-time position was being advertised.

Pre-season plans are underway and some attractive friendlies are being talked about and lined up. The Club will release details of such matches nearer the time.

Boost the Budget money of £12,600 will be given to Gary on the 28 February. This will be the final payment made this year having reached our full target of £20,000 earlier than anticipated. The monies handed over to Gary will go towards making plans for next season regarding potential player contract renewals.

TA also said that Terry Owens would be celebrating on 8 April and wished to give £500 to the Trust Café for supporters to purchase food and drink. NC thought this would be a logistical nightmare and suggested the money just be used for drink and TA agreed to put this proposal to Terry.

6. Vice-Chairman Role and Responsibilities
TA had spoken to SC about the role and SC agreed he was finding it difficult with work and personal commitments. TA had consequently spoken to RC who was happy to take on the role. He and TA would discuss this in further detail.

7. Fundraising
i. Scratchcards – NC had not approached Mark Butler about including a scratchcard in the price of hospitality in the EBB Lounge as he did not feel this was appropriate. However, JG had agreed with a colleague that she would approach local pubs with the view to selling the scratchcards.
ii. Boost the Budget – This was going well and TA had promises of large contributors for next season. It was agreed that a separate account be opened for Boost the Budget and JG and ML agreed to look into this. JG would approach Barclays where the Cash for Shots account was already held and ML make enquiries with the Co-op.
RC also agreed to see if any accounts would provide interest.
iii. Christmas Raffle – ML was still to provide final figures on this now that SC’s sales could be included.
iv. Cash for Shots – Numbers were still gradually increasing and leaflets would be handed out at the turnstiles for this weekend’s match.
v. Class of 2008 – It was agreed that this be held early next season as it would then be the 10 year anniversary.
vi. Future events – Intentions were still to arrange a darts’ tournament in June and a sponsored walk to a local match next season.
8. Website/Social Media
RC said that he would now be more active on twitter and Shotsweb was now in better shape. JG agreed to send him the Boost the Budget photos and publicity for inclusion on the website.

It was agreed that the Trust should wish Liam Bellamy well for his forthcoming surgery.
9. Trust Café/Catering
A Health & Safety questionnaire needed to be completed for the Café and TA would forward this to NC for completion.

NC announced his intention to resign from the Trust Board at the end of the season and therefore we would need to find someone to run the Café. TA agreed to approach Andy Clark to see if he could free up any staff, and also ask Andy Young, who was undertaking a catering course, and approach the Catering Department at the Farnborough College.
RC would include an appeal for a volunteer to fill this position in his next programme notes.

10. Annual General Meeting
Wednesday, 17 May 2017 was confirmed for this. JG agreed to ask BG to book the EBB Lounge, and also to circulate last year’s accounts to the Board.
It was thought important to discuss the current aims of the Trust and this would be included on the agenda for the next meeting. All to consider in the meantime.

11. Any Other Business
i. Programme Notes
The following schedule was agreed :

Bromley RC
Lincoln TA
Sutton NC
Dagenham SC
Torquay ML
Dover JG
Braintree TA

10. Date of Next Meeting
This was agreed for Wednesday, 15 March 2017, 7 pm at the EBB.

The meeting closed at 9 pm.