By | December 14, 2016

Attendees : Bob Green (BG), Janet Guess (JG), Sean Chambers (SC), Nick Cave (NC), Robin Carder (RC), Tommy Anderson (TA), and Mick Lee (ML).

1. Apologies for Absence
All Board members were present.

2. Approval of Minutes of Meeting of 12 October 2016
These had previously been circulated and agreed and would be uploaded to social media and the website.

3. Matters Still Arising Not on the Agenda
i. Trust Signs – BG was still to arrange for the volunteers to put the Trust sign outside the Ticket office.
ii. Tommy’s Workload – TA and SC were having on-going discussions to regarding this.
iii. Transfer from the Paypal Account – ML was still to arrange transfer of all but £100 of the funds held in the Paypal account to the Trust bank account.
iv. Trust Stationery – SC was still to provide Trust letterhead, compliments slips and membership cards and would have these in ready for the next meeting.
v. Feedback – TA was having on-going communication with Heather Nicklinson regarding her feedback.

4. Financial Report
ML gave a comprehensive financial report with bottom line figures being :

Main account £2,506.52
Lucky 7s £0.23
Forever Shots £10,782.18
Paypal 1 £1,099.57
Paypal 2 £388.24

ML was still to meet Ian Goodwright to receive the paperwork and information up to 31 August 2016, plus the cash that Ian was holding. It was agreed that this situation could not continue and TA would contact Ian to expedite and to impress the need for him to bring the outstanding cash to the Macclesfield match.

ML suggested that the money in the Lucky 7s account be transferred to the main Trust account and this was agreed.

ML highlighted a Direct Debit payment of £30 for Eazy Collect which he did not recognise. RC thought this could be for the new InTouch Website where there had been some confusion over the payment amount. This should be £15 per month and RC agreed to contact the company to rectify.

It was agreed by the Board that ML was doing an excellent job and they were pleased to see comprehensive financial details at the meetings.

5. Chairman’s Report
TA reported that all was going well with the Football Club Board continuing to be very supportive and he was becoming more and more involved in Club activities. Despite comments on Shotsweb and social media, the financial situation was secure.
TA had hosted a Trust table at the recent Sportsman’s Dinner and three members had taken the opportunity to purchase the half-price tickets offered by the Trust and had enjoyed their evening.

4. Forever Shots/Boost the Budget
The current figures for Forever Shots were £7,500 to be transferred to the Trust for Boost the Budget, £4,324 to be refunded and one contributor had asked for his donation of £100 be used to purchase funds in ATFC. There were still nine people who had not responded to letters or emails and, if nothing was heard from them by the end of November, their donation would be transferred to the Trust. Should they contact the Trust thereafter to request a refund, this would be arranged.

More contributions continued to be received for the Boost the Budget Fund, both by individual payments or standing orders, and it was agreed to hand a sum over to the Football Club in the New Year and launch a fresh campaign.

5. Fundraising
i. Scratchcards – Sales were steady but it was agreed that individuals were needed to sell the cards. TA reported that the Crimea had sold £350 worth of cards and had a further supply. SC was pursuing opportunities for two local pubs to sell the cards.
ii. Christmas Raffle – Again it was agreed that more emphasis needed to be made to sell these and TA said that, as there were more 50:50 ticket sellers for the next few weeks, three of them would be used to sell the raffle tickets. Each Board member also took tickets to sell and SC agreed to approach Rushmoor Saints to see if they could sell some. It was also agreed to sell them at the Shots Christmas Carol Service.
JG agreed to purchase the manicure/pedicure gift voucher.
NC agreed to email the poster to RC for uploading on the website.
iii. Cash for Shots – JG reported that there were 126 contributors and she hoped that numbers would increase following publicity. RC agreed to upload the details and standing order form to the website and social media.
iii. Shots’ Quiz – It was hoped that sufficient people would attend as it threatened to be a good night. It was agreed that there would be a joker round. BG agreed to prepare a scoring spreadsheet to be used on the laptop for transmission on the big screen.
JG agreed to take the money on the night, as well as doing the scoring.

7. Website
RC agreed to continue to work on the structure of the website but in the meantime would concentrate on publicity for Cash for Shots and the Christmas Raffle. He would publicise the Quiz on social media.

7. Trust Café
NC said that he would be standing down at the end of the Season to concentrate on selling scratchcards, etc although it was hoped that he would continue to oversee the Trust catering outlet(s). It was agreed that it would probably be necessary to pay someone to run the Cafe.

With regard to the potential opportunity to open a Trust-run catering outlet on the North side of the ground, NC would like commitment from the Football Club that they would work with the Trust to provide this before undertaking any work on the proposal. TA agreed to take some of the Directors over to the Café before the match with Macclesfield to discuss this.

8. Any Other Business
There was no AOB.

9. Date of Next Meeting
This was agreed for Wednesday, 7 December 2016, 7 pm at the EBB.

The meeting closed at 8.15 pm.