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Minutes of meeting of the Board of Directors

Tuesday, 8 September 2015 at the Electrical Services Stadium

Attendees :  Ian Barnett (IB), Bob Green (BG), Ian Goodwright (IG), Janet Guess (JG), and Tommy Anderson (TA), Nick Cave (NC) was present for part of the meeting.


  1. Apologies for Absence

Apologies for absence were received from Darryl Evans(DE), Scott Simpkin (SS), Sefton Owens (SO) Ian Dawkins (ID) and Sean Chambers (SC).


  1. Welcome to Nick Cave and Trust Café Update

IB welcomed NC to the meeting and said how pleased the Trust were that Nick had answered the call for a volunteer to run the Trust Café and what a success this was proving to be.  However, this had been overshadowed by the unacceptable messages posted by “FlashShot” on Shotsweb which had caused Nick and his wife to resign their positions.  Nick and his wife had received a lot of support on Shotsweb and the culprit had since been identified and the Club were considering their course of action at their next Board meeting.  The Trust Board members present considered that the Club should uphold their policy of zero tolerance against any kind of such offensive abuse and the nature of the abuse should result in a lengthy if not lifetime ban from the football club and IB agreed to advise the Club Board accordingly.


IB reported that the club were liaising with “Kick It Out” to ascertain what further action was appropriate. IB and NC put on record their appreciation to Brian Bloomfield who had acted swiftly in dealing with this unfortunate matter.

As a consequence of the support given both by the Football Club and Trust and the support on Shotsweb, NC said that he was willing to carry on and the Café would be open as usual.  He would need to persuade his wife to return but would have help from his son in the meantime.

NC had ideas for themes for various matches including a Christmas baguette for the Woking game and there was a suggestion of providing Nepalese food for a targeted game.

NC said that signage was needed for the away end with a massive sign at the entrance to the tunnel and another pointing into the Café at the door, perhaps to include what food was on offer.  JG agreed to ask DE if he could provide these.


 NC thought it would be worth considering a hatch for away supporters, especially for segregated matches, as it was not possible to have the fire door open because it would require a further steward to click the number of people entering.

With regard to finances, approximately £800 had been spent on equipment and stock so far with about £780 received in takings over the first four home games.  However, this did not take into account any money due to the Football Club for the use of the premises which is to be discussed in due course.


  1. Approval of the minutes of the meeting held on 5 August 2015

The minutes were circulated prior to the board meeting and were received by all. These were approved by the meeting and the Chairman signed accordingly.  These had already been uploaded onto the Trust website.

  1. Matters still arising not on the agenda
  2. Fundraising

Ian Dawkins had suggested that IB contact Keith Able to discuss Shots Player Share scheme coming under the Trust umbrella.


It was suggested that the Trust enter a team in the monthly quiz organised by Keith to support him which was agreed to be a good idea and TA, BG,  IG and JG agreed to enter the quiz on 21 September.


  1. Trust Strategy

IB provided a copy of his proposal which was agreed to be a good start.  He agreed to circulate, with some amendments, to the Trust Board for comment for the document to be finalised at the next meeting.



DE had presented at this.


  1. Financial Report/Treasurer

IG reported that there was approximately £8500 in the current account and £7000 in Paypal plus £3500 cash to be banked.  There was also about £18,000 in Forever Shots.  It was suggested that a pitch side presentation of the rent for the Café could be made to the Club at Christmas time.  It was agreed by those present that any profits for the Café be used to improve the catering facilities for supporters and the Trust were exploring options.  JG agreed to contact the rest of the Board to seek their approval.


IG said that he was willing to continue as acting Treasurer until the end of October but no longer.  TA therefore agreed to continue to advertise with all seeking other options.



  1. Scoreboard

BG said that the new large scoreboard would be used for advertising and therefore the smaller scoreboard would continue to be used as currently,  TA agreed to ask Paul Breading if he would be willing to input information to the large scoreboard before matches.


It was agreed that Colin Cresswell should have access to the scoreboard emails and TA/IB agreed to arrange this.


It was also agreed that the Trust Café should be advertised on the scoreboard and TA agreed to contact Paul about this.



  1. Phoenix Mascot

It was agreed that price would dictate whether a complete new costume or just a head be purchased and JG agreed to contact DE in this regard.



  1. Player of the Month

TA suggested that the Trophy should include the Aldershot Town Supporters Trust.  It was agreed that the August trophy was impressive and that the cost of this type of trophy and engraving should be ascertained.  The trophies had cost £10 last season and if the cost was similar, it was agreed to continue with the same trophy.  JG agreed to ask DE to make enquiries.


JG suggested that Andy Young act as the co-coordinator for this on a matchday and TA agreed to discuss this with him.


JG agreed to send out the survey each month.


  1. Sub-Committees
  2. Media – TA had advertised for a Treasurer, included the programme notes, information on the Trust Café, easyfundraising, the sponsorship of Jim Stevenson and the presentation at the NEHYL AGM on Twitter and Facebook.  There were now 503 followers on Twitter and 338 on Facebook.

No further progress had yet been made on the new Trust website and IB. JG and BG agreed to meet at the Club at 10.30 on 21 September to finalise the membership form for the website


  1. Away Travel – TA said that there had been a lot of comment on Twitter about away travel and he proposed that the Trust run coaches to every game this season at the same price, eg £20 for members and £15 for non-members. It was agreed that this be trialled until Christmas with Barrow being the first trip and that payment must be in advance with money not refunded for cancellations.  IB agreed to approach Ian Dawkins for prices of coaches from his contacts, and TA agreed to contact DP for the price of 26 seater coaches and the price to charge could then be calculated.


  • Community Stand – TA was awaiting a response from DE regarding the Twitter competition for schools.


  1. University/College Links

Attendance at the University of Surrey Freshers Fair on Friday October 2nd had been confirmed and the Trust were allowed four free attendees which will be IB, BG, SS and possibly former Trust director Jason Berney who had kindly offered to help.  IB would circulate details and liaise with the University.


SS and BG had agreed to attend and IB would circulate the relevant information to them.  The Club had agreed a reduced price of £5 per ticket for students for the Forest Green match.

TA had contacted Farnborough Tech and Sixth Form Colleges but they were no longer inviting outside organisations to their freshers’ events.  It was suggested that Mike Hammond might be able to assist and TA agreed to contact him.



  1. Lucky 7s Publicity

The Trust Board agreed that they had not provided the support to Dave Donovan that they should in this enterprise and JG agreed to dedicate her programme article to the competition in October.  In the meantime, she agreed to contact SO who had not yet had the opportunity to carry out his suggestions.


  1. Any Other Business
  2. Newsletter – It was agreed to issue a newsletter twice a year but use social media and Shotsweb the rest of the year.
  3. Shotsweb – IB agreed to talk to Robin Calder about the Trust being involved with Shotsweb although not all the Board were in favour of this idea.


  • Thanks – TA recorded his thanks to Phil Moore for providing badges and Andy Young for agreeing to be the Phoenix in Will’s absence.
  1. Receipt for Away Travel – JG agreed to design this and ask SC if he could print.


  1. National Non-League Day – TA agreed to talk to Steve Gibbs about any plans the Football Club might have for this day.



  1. Date of Next Meeting

The next meeting was arranged for Tuesday, 6  October 2015, 6.45 pm at the ESS.


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