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On Monday 14 January the Board of Directors of the Shots Trust met under the Chairmanship of Terry Owens and this is a synopsis of that meeting:-
The re-launch of the Trust went well with good media coverage, some thirty members joining on the day and one hundred new members anticipated.

Graham Brookland was confirmed as Hon President of the Shots Trust and Vanessa Storey has taken control of the finances, including banking £350.00 from Paul Blundell from his sales of away programmes. Tommy Anderson is working with Sefton Owens and Ian Goodwright to develop the media coverage. Sefton has included details of the new Trust Directors on the Trust’s website.

It was agreed that the Trust would investigate whether on behalf of the Club, it could offer to take matchday operational control of the electronic scoreboard so that it is used to greater effect. Maintenance though would remain the Club’s responsibility. (The malfunction of the scoreboard at the last home game was due to an electrical fault).

Fund-raising events are being planned for this coming Spring/Summer, as is a further family day incorporating tours of the EBB and Wembley Stadiums. In conjunction with the Club, a major project for the coming year is undergoing an initial feasibility study. An update will be provided at the next meeting.

Ian Goodwright is obtaining quotes for the refurbishment of the Phoenix Mascot costume and Terry Owens is to seek a sponsor for this. The ladies’ toilets upgrade is nearing completion and John Orme is finalising a sponsorship package in return for the funding the Trust afforded the Club to install a commercial extractor unit in the Phoenix Lounge kitchen.

Bob Green reported that work had commenced on the new Community Stand and it was hoped this would be completed by the end of February.

A modest increase in membership fees is to be discussed at the next meeting with a view of putting this to the AGM. Following on from Terry Owens’ Shots Radio interview, other Board members would also be interviewed by Tommy Anderson starting with Ian Goodwright then Mike Hammond followed by the other Directors.


Peter Bridgeman
Jan 2013

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