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Minutes of the teleconference meeting of Board of Directors

Tuesday 31st March 2020

Attendees: Tom Anderson (TA), Mick Lee (ML), Michael Foster (MF), Laura Smart (LS), Robin Carder (RC), Alan Hillier (AH).

  1. Apologies for Absence

Nick Bond (NB), Sean Chambers (SC).

  1. Approval of minutes of last meeting

The minutes were approved.

  1. Review of previous actions

Of the 9 actions that had been carried forward from January’s meeting, 7 were completed, and 2 carried forward pending discussions with the Club.

Of the 24 actions from February, 20 were completed, 4 were carried forward.

  1. Financial Report

ML presented his update on the Trust’s financial position, which was then discussed. No particular points of concern arose.  The Board noted that, despite the suspension of the league and the current Covid-19 situation (which means that membership renewals are suffering), we have a reasonably healthy bank balance.

The accounts spreadsheet has been shared with LS, with a view to merging the Trust and CFS accounts.

  1. Chairman’s Update

Following our offer to the Club to contribute funds to those non-playing staff whose salaries have been cut, TA reported that a Club director, Lewis Scard, had replied on Mr Azeem’s behalf and had rejected the offer. As we are dismayed to have yet another offer of financial support to the Club rejected because the Club refuses to provides invoices, TA phoned Mr Scard to discuss. It was quite a positive discussion; Mr Scard agreed that our insistence on an invoice and subsequent PR was not unreasonable.  He also thought that it would be sensible for the Club and Trust to work together.

  1. Ground Redevelopment

The Board discussed and agreed the piece drafted for the website on our involvement with the ground redevelopment and our hopes for future engagement with the Club on this issue. It will be uploaded shortly.

In similar vein, we decided to draft a statement for the website setting out the Trust’s involvement in helping to resolve the problems at the ground.

  1. Fundraising: Cash for Shots and Lucky 7s.

Cash for Shots (CFS): in a generally positive overview, LS reported that writing to those Trust members who were not already CFS subscribers has proven rather successful.  As a result, CFS has gained quite a number of new subscribers over the last six weeks. Nevertheless, she asked Board members to continue their push for additional members; as and when we manage to get the relationship with the Club back on line, we will need to be able to move quickly to support their development efforts.

Lucky 7s: TA updated the Board on Lucky 7s.  The scheme is on hold, given that the Football League has been suspended.

  1. AOB
  • It was agreed that MF, rather than LS, should lead on IT matters. RC and MF will have the first of several handover meetings in w/c 6th April.
  • Since last meeting, both ML and RC have announced their intention to retire from the Board at the end of the season, although both will remain good friends and supporters to the Trust.

The Chairman and Board colleagues would like to take this opportunity to thank both men for their long and sterling service to the Board.  Both will be sorely missed.

  • Step-by-Step, the charity that Trust members voted to support, will be contacted this week and a cheque for £200 delivered. The vote to identify the next quarter’s charity will be held in May. Proposals received so far for next quarter are:
    • The Vine (an Aldershot-based walk-in centre which caters to the physical and mental well-being of those aged 18+);
    • Action Medical Research for Children (British charity focusing on research into some of the most difficult health problems facing UK children);
    • The Source (supports/empowers young people aged 14-25, living in Aldershot and the surrounding towns, affected by drug and alcohol problems);
    • Parkside Adult and Children Learning Disability Centre (provides support services for children and adults with learning disabilities, living in Hampshire and Surrey).

The meeting finished at 20:45.

Date of Next Meeting: Wednesday 22nd April, teleconference.

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