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Minutes from the latest meeting between the Trust and Football Club Board held on Monday 6th July 2015 can be found below.

Meeting Attendees:

Shahid Azeem (SA), John Leppard (JL), Brian Bloomfield (BB)

Ian Barnett (IB), Tommy Anderson (TA), Darryl Evans (DE), Ian Dawkins (ID)

Secretary: Janet Guess (JG)


1. Trust Update

IB started the meeting by thanking the Football Club Board for agreeing to meet before outlining the changes on the Trust Board, including those that had resigned but concentrating on the strengthening of the Board by the addition of Darryl, Ian and Scott Simpkin. It was anticipated that two new people would be joining the Board in the near future and the aim was to get a strong Board as soon as possible.

IB continued that it was important to make a fresh start and concentrate on the season ahead and the common aims of the Football Club and the Trust. It was agreed that all wanted the best for the Club but SA emphasised that it was important that the Trust provide support to the Football Club projects. DE said that the Trust were keen to work with the Football Club and asked that they suggest projects that the Trust could run with to help the Club and prove that we can all make things work. It was recognised that the Trust need to increase fundraising but were keen not to do anything that would take money away from the Club.

IB reported on the Trust AGM where it had been hoped that new Rules would be approved. The required vote was not received but the Trust were keen to update the rules as they were from 2004 and would be working towards this. Notes from the meeting were available on the Trust website.


2. Trust Aims

The main aim of the Trust Board was to improve the relationship with the Club over the course of the coming season and they were keen to invest in infrastructure projects that would benefit the Club and the supporters. JL suggested the following as possibilities :

i) Barrier testing and repair

This was an on-going expense for the Club with a third of the barriers needed to be tested each year.

ii) South Stand café

JL suggested that the Trust could run this on a matchday, serving teas, coffees, pies, sandwiches etc although they would not be able to serve cooked items in competition with the Hot Shots Café. The café could be rented at a cost of £100 per match with any profits going to the Trust. DE said that this was something he Trust would take on as it would help the Club and the supporters and he would liaise with Bob Green to arrange access to the room to see what was needed. JL said that the café could be open for the two home friendlies on a low key basis but needed to be up and running for the first game of the season.

ACTION : DE to co-ordinate

iii) Advertising screen

The Football Club were leasing a large screen which needed to be erected. They had received a quote for this but DE agreed to use his contacts to get another quote to see if this was more competitive. Should the Trust fund or partly fund this, they would be able to use the Board for advertising and have their logo on it.


iv) Control room staircase

This had become dangerous and would cost £2,500 to repair and, if this was not completed, no matches would be able to be held. JL suggested that the firm that had already quoted for the erection of the screen could do this if DE’s quote for the screen erection be accepted.

v) Potholes

There were potholes around the ground that needed repairing.

vi) Junior Shots

Help was required with this to ensure events on the day were co-ordinated.

vii)       Stewarding

DE suggested that the Trust provide stewards for the Community Stand. Both he and ID were qualified, as were the rest of the people from Farnham Youth

viii)      Half-time Entertainment

Someone was needed to host the half-time entertainment and the Trust agreed to advertise for this.



3. Fundraising

The Football Club were planning to relaunch Cash for Shots at the Fans Forum arranged for 6 August to help raise money for the playing budget and asked for Trust help with this. The Trust were also launching Lucky 7s, details of which they shared with the Football Club board. It was suggested that these schemes could complement each other and be sold together.

SA asked for clarification regarding the Forever Shots Fund as he felt it important that money was not being diverted to the Fund from normal sponsorship of the Club. It was explained that the money in this account belonged to the individuals and could not be used for projects.


4. Board Update

JL said that the appointment of Barry Smith was a real positive for the Club and that he was involved in everything, including painting the lines at the Bourley Road training ground. He would also be joining in the ground clean-up the following Sunday.

A new Director had joined the Board, Meg Gurlung, with the view to increasing the links with the Nepalese community. His aim was to increase the number of Nepalese owning shares and he was getting 100 Nepalese to purchase season tickets. It was hoped that at least one Nepalese footballer would join the Club in the not too distant future. DE said he knew a Nepalese player from the Army and also other Army players who could be of interest to Barry Smith. He gave JL the details.

On the financial side, things were still tight but were under control. The Chelsea contract would continue for a further season. The Club had also changed the provider of the burger van.

The Club were in the process of getting quotes for team away travel and DE volunteered to use his and ID’s contacts for other suppliers. He would liaise with JL over this.



5. Next Steps

The Trust and Football Club Boards agreed to issue a joint statement following this meeting which IB and TA would draft and circulate to all.



6. Date of Next Meeting

The next meeting was agreed for 6.30 pm on Tuesday, 28 July 2015.

There being no further business, the meeting closed at 9.25 pm.


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