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Minutes of the teleconference meeting of Board of Directors

15th July 2020, 19:00

Attendees: Tom Anderson (TA), Michael Foster (MF), Laura Smart (LS), Alan Hillier (AH), Sean Chambers (SC).

  1. Apologies for Absence

Nick Bond (NB).

  1. Approval of minutes of last meeting

The minutes were approved.

  1. Review of previous actions

Of the 15 actions carried forward from June, 13 were completed, and 2 are carried forward. The main points of discussion were:

AH proposed writing to Council Cabinet members to raise pertinent questions around a) their expectations on the timescale for resolution of the lease issues, and b) what exactly those issues are. The Board agreed.

The Board approved the Survey questions to be uploaded for fans’ views. RC has previously been responsible for this; SC volunteered to liaise with RC to learn the process.

  1. Financial Report

LS reported that the audit of the 2019-20 accounts was in full swing.  She and Mick Lee were liaising well to ensure that the auditor had all necessary information, especially on the previously unaudited CFS financial data. Barclays have yet to complete the process of granting LS access to the Trust account, so no update is currently available. However, LS expects to present a full account at the August meeting.

Chairman’s Update

Update on discussions with Mr Scard / Bob Green on our agreed project: TA reported that he had emailed Lewis Scard to chase earlier email from Bob Green regarding future project possibilities.

The upshot was rather disturbing; he had (accidentally) been copied into Bob Green’s email response to Lewis Scard, in which Mr Green said:

 “I just want their money so we can close the situation as they will naturally die in time as they are doing nothing other than Cash for Shots”.

The Board was quite disgusted by this email, which clearly demonstrates that the Club and its officials hold the Trust in contempt and have no respect whatsoever for the significant sums of money (£60k+) raised by us for the Club’s benefit over the years.  It also gives the lie to their previous pretence at working with us for the benefit of fans and confirms us in our determination to insist on invoices and PR.  NO money will be handed over without both.

We intend to make a formal complaint to the Club about Mr Green’s behaviour, which shames both himself and the Club he serves; we also note that Mr Green’s attitude flies in the face of the Council’s direction to the Club, that they should meet with us to discuss the way forward on the ground redevelopment.

Post meeting note: the letter of complaint was sent on 20th July 2020.  We have asked the Club for a response.

Despite this shoddy behaviour, we are still keen to work with the Club to the benefit of fans and, to that end, will target future correspondence to Mr Scard and his fellow directors.

Publicity and newsletter: TA finalised his draft for the website newsletter.  The Board suggested that it should also be shared on our Facebook page, as they target different audiences. This was agreed.

Sunday League football team: TA reported that we now have 16 players signed up to the team, plus 8 more expected to sign shortly.  Team kit has been ordered and the team has undertaken two very successful training sessions.

TA reported the very good news that he has managed to obtain a significant, two-year sponsorship deal with Corcillium Wealth Management; we are very grateful for their support.

We have also agreed an excellent partnership with Rushmoor Saints, which gives us access to their playing fields and other support.

  1. Fundraising: Cash for Shots, Trust membership, Lucky 7s.

CFS: LS gave an update on the Cash for Shots data.  Both subscription and our bank balance are looking healthy.

Lucky 7s: TA reported that there were 3 games left this season.  Dave Donovan has reported that, despite the lockdown when the scheme was suspended, he expected a very reasonable return from the season’s play.

Shots Trust update: MF reported membership numbers continuing to improve. On the technical front, since MF reported the need for upgrades to the website, RC has advised that he will be managing the task over the summer.  MF will keep in touch with RC and report progress to future meetings.

  1. AOB

Update on FCA engagement: LS was happy to report that the membership had responded in significant numbers to the request to review, comment and ultimately approve the revised Trust rules.  Members had in fact been very complimentary; the view was mainly that this revision “brought the rules into the 21st Century” and “made them fit for purpose”.  A very gratifying response. LS has now emailed the Statutory Declaration form and the Rules themselves to a local solicitor, in advance of her meeting with him on 21st July.  Once signed, both will be sent to FCA for their formal approval.

Programmes for sale: MF reported that he had received an email from Mr Graham Hocking, a retiring Trust member, who had sold his collection of programmes, ranging from the 1992-93 season all the way up to the present.  He has very generously donated the proceeds to the Trust.  We very much appreciate his generosity.

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