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Minutes of the meeting of Board of Directors

Via Zoom, 16th December 2020, 19:00

Attendees: Tom Anderson (TA), Michael Foster (MF), Laura Smart (LS), Sean Chambers (SC), Michael Culkin (MC), Catherine Culkin (CC).

TA started the meeting by expressing his sympathies to Aldershot Town manager Danny Searle, following the recent death of his father from Covid-19. TA wrote to Danny, on behalf of the Trust Board, sending our sincere condolences.

  1. Apologies for Absence


  1. Approval of minutes of last meeting

The minutes were approved.

  1. Review of previous actions

Of the 3 actions carried forward from November, all were completed.

  1. Financial Report and fundraising update

LS reported that finances and CFS membership numbers remain healthy

MF reported that Trust membership is also doing well, having increased again since our last meeting.

Chairman’s Update

 ATFC ticket information vs Woking on Boxing Day:  TA expressed his disappointment at the Club’s ticket offer for the Woking home match on Boxing Day.  The Club has excluded the Trust and its members from priority sales, whilst allowing Supporters Club members of In for a Shot to apply.

Trust members, who have helped the Trust to raise and donate over £60,000 to the Club in the past 5 years, have been treated with contempt; this really does not reflect well on the Club, who have shown themselves, once again, to be both childish and vindictive.  TA stated that, as the Trust has considerably more members than the Supporters Club, this really is an insulting move against lifelong Shots fans and supporters.

Sunday League Team Update: TA expressed his huge relief at the lifting of lockdown restrictions earlier this month, which has allowed the team to get back to training weekly as a group.  Unfortunately, the last of our three pre-Christmas games has had to be cancelled, as our opponents’ home area is in Tier 3; they cannot travel to us, nor us to them.

Of the two we were able to play: we lost at Yateley United, but the team followed up that disappointment with a superb victory and performance against Ash Community Sunday on 13th December.

TA had spoken to the Board and to team manager Dave Wright about the need to thank our sponsors, Corcillium Wealth Management, and partners Rushmoor Saints, who have been very good to us in our first 6 months as a Club. It has been agreed that we will send a thank you letter and Christmas card to Rushmoor Saints, and a card and video message of thanks to our sponsor Leon Alden of Corcillium Wealth Management which a number of the team will get involved with. The Board approved the proposal, if it is still possible given the new Tier situation.

Plans next season are now ready to be discussed.  Following discussion with the SLT Management Board, TA and team manager David Wright will meet on 23rd December, to debate the ideas and finances further. TA will report back to the full Trust Board thereafter.

TA expressed his thanks to his SLT Board colleagues, manager David Wright, the players and everybody connected with the team for their efforts so far in the first half of the season and wished them all a Happy Christmas!

2020 – the end is nigh…. TA thanked the Trust Board for all their efforts and hard work in what has been a very difficult year.   He wished us all a lovely Christmas, and hopes that we can all recharge the batteries for another challenging year ahead in 2021.

  1. AOB
  • Christmas dinner: Our proposed Trust Christmas dinner has fallen foul of the latest lockdowns and Tiers; we hope to make up for it next year.  


Meeting conclusion:              21:15


Date of Next Meeting:           20th January, Brewer’s Fayre / Zoom (TBC)

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