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Minutes of the meeting of Board of Directors

Via Zoom

17 February 2021, 19:00

Attendees: Tom Anderson (TA), Michael Foster (MF), Laura Smart (LS), Sean Chambers (SC), Michael Culkin (MC), Catherine Culkin (CC).

Before starting the meeting, TA informed the Board of the very sad news that ATFC supporter Scott Grimes had died on Monday morning. The Board expressed their deepest sympathies to Scott’s family and friends.

  1. Apologies for Absence


  1. Approval of minutes of last meeting

The minutes were approved.

  1. Review of previous actions

Of the 7 actions carried forward from January, 5 were completed.  Of the remaining 2, one has a target date for completion in March, whilst the second is contingent upon lockdown being lifted. Both will be carried forward.

  1. Financial Report and fundraising update

Having previously tabled her concern that CFS subscriptions might fall because of the financial impact of Covid-19, LS was pleased to report that only two had dropped out. Membership is holding steady; we have in fact had some additional subscribers to offset the losses. Overall, finances remain healthy.

Easy Fundraising: LS provided a draft to accompany the Shotsweb strapline. The Board reviewed and approved it.

Reporting on the Trust membership:  MF reported that membership remains healthy; we have lost one subscriber, unable to afford renewal because of the financial impact of Covid-19.

Chairman’s Update

Update Following Trust’s Letter To RBC: TA reported that, on 11th February, he had received a response from RBC chief executive Mr Paul Shackley to his letter of 9th February. Mr Shackley stated that commercial confidentiality prevented him from answering the questions posed by the Trust or giving many details. However, Mr Shackley did say that he would be happy to be copied into any future correspondence with the Football Club, regarding requests for updates on the Ground Redevelopment; he hoped that it might help in gaining a response from ATFC.

TA expressed his appreciation and thanks to Mr Shackley for his swift response.  It is frustrating that the Council could not give any updates because of the commercial sensitivity, but TA believes that Mr Shackley’s commitment, on behalf of RBC, to be copied into any future correspondence with the Football Club, is both promising and supportive.

Following discussions on social media, TA decided to personally respond to two supporters who directed questions and statements to the Trust. He reported that, following those responses, the Trust received many positive comments and encouraging feedback from both Trust members and ATFC supporters, all of which have been responded to. TA also thanked LS and MF for their input on responding to supporters.

TA suggested that, given the many discussion threads on Shotsweb (the Club’s unofficial fans forum), perhaps it was time for the Trust to respond with a statement of our intentions and overall purpose where the ground development is concerned.  The Board agreed that this would be sensible; a draft response will be submitted for the Board to consider.  Once ratified, it will be posted by TA on behalf of the Trust.

  1. AOB
  • SC reported that he had spoken to Andy Burke about the potential website update. Mr Burke will do some exploratory work and respond to SC in the next week or so.

Meeting conclusion:              20:15


Date of Next Meeting:           24th March, Zoom

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