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Minutes of the teleconference meeting of Board of Directors

20th May 2020, 19:00

Attendees: Tom Anderson (TA), Mick Lee (ML), Michael Foster (MF), Laura Smart (LS), Robin Carder (RC), Alan Hillier (AH), Nick Bond (AH).

  1. Apologies for Absence


  1. Approval of minutes of last meeting

The minutes were approved.

  1. Review of previous actions

Of the 16 actions carried forward, 12 were completed; 2 are carried forward to June and 2 will be merged with a previous action, as all three are dependent upon the lease being finalised.

  1. Financial Report

ML presented his update on the Trust’s financial position, which was then discussed. No points of interest or concern were raised with the accounts themselves. ML/LS briefly discussed arranging for audit and handover of the final 2019-20 accounts in a 1-2-1 meeting.  

RC is arranging access for LS to PayPal, so that she can make payments and receive payment notifications directly.

  1. Chairman’s Update

Update on shares purchase: The £5,000 share purchase and the Step by Step donation have been well received. TA thanked MF for his PR photographs which accompanied the news on the Shots website.

Shots Trust membership: Membership is looking increasingly healthy. The Board thanked both MF and RC for their sterling efforts in refreshing the database.

Discussions with Club officials: TA discussed potential projects with both Mr Scard and Mr Green.  Mr Green agreed to get back to TA with suggestions. Given the lockdown, Mr Green is pretty much a one-man-band, so there may be some delay. For the netting project currently being discussed with Mr Green, NB asked if it was possible to brand the netting with the Trust’s name. TA will investigate.

FSA: Following the conclusion of the disciplinary case brought against Trust directors, there have been a number of vituperative social media postings from one of the complainants. In the latest, personal abuse was levelled at Malcolm Clarke (FSA), whilst the FSA’s competence and credibility were called into question.  Subsequently, Mr Clarke has provided the following statement which we have permission to publish:

“The FSA received two complaints about the way in which the SHOTS Trust had handled separate complaints against two of its Board members. It is not our normal policy to comment in public on issues involving the personal data of individuals, and we will not name anybody now. However, as other parties have put these matters into the public domain, in some cases in a misleading way, it is appropriate to clarify the position. The Trust’s membership of the FSA was suspended pending adjudication on these complaints. After considering all the evidence presented and holding an oral hearing, the FSA panel resolved that reinstatement of the SHOTS Trust FSA membership would be contingent upon four conditions, namely letters of apology to be sent to each of the two complainants; the adoption of a satisfactory diversity policy, as required by the FSA constitution, and the SHOTS Board undertaking diversity training. Only the diversity training remains outstanding.  As the training is conducted face to face, it must await the lifting of cover-19 lockdown restrictions.”

The Trust is happy to be able to put this case behind us; once training has been delivered, the Trust can move on, with the FSA’s support.

Revision of Trust Rules: LS revamped and simplified the Rules and shared it with Board members a week before the meeting, for their consideration. The document will now be shared with Trust members for their views, and they will be asked to formally vote on its adoption at the AGM (currently planned for September).

New Football Team: TA has been in discussion with Andy Gregory on the possibility of setting up a men’s Sunday League football team.  Mr Gregory has provided a business plan and proposals for how it would work under his management. We would need to have a documented governance statement and Code of Conduct, which all players would sign up to.  The Board were impressed with the idea and voted unanimously in its favour.

  1. Fundraising: Cash for Shots, Trust membership, Lucky 7s.

CFS: LS gave an update on the Cash for Shots data.  Both membership and the bank balance are looking healthy.

Shots Trust update: MF thanked RC for his considerable support and work on bringing the database up to date and automating several functions.

Lucky 7s: TA reported that Dave Donovan, who runs Lucky 7s, has proposed using 7 German League games, as they are now playing again. The current players have given a mixed response; the English League may restart in two weeks’ time, which would be more acceptable to current players.  However, if the restart is delayed, German teams will be used.

  1. AOB
  • Registered address: The Trust’s registered address, recorded in the Constitution, will be updated.
  • AGM: the Board agreed that it should be held in September. Given the COVID-19 situation, it may have to be a Zoom meeting.
  • Club AGM: AH said that he is concerned about the lack of a potential date for the Club AGM, and the fact that the accounts remain unaudited. Board members suspect that, as it is not a legal requirement, the AGM may not take place this year. We need to consider how our financial concerns can be properly raised.
  • Social media, comms: LS/MF will take on responsibility for the Trust websites, VTiger and ShotsWeb. TA will take on responsibility for Facebook and Twitter.
  • Quarterly newsletter: TA proposed a quarterly newsletter to keep fans up to speed with our activities. The Board approved.
  • Quarterly charity selection: Two proposals were submitted, those being The Vine and The Source. A survey has been launched with Trust supporters to select the recipient of the £200 funding.

Meeting conclusion:              21:10

Date of Next Meeting:           17th June, teleconference.


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