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Minutes of the meeting of Board of Directors

Via Zoom

24 March 2021, 19:30

Attendees: Tom Anderson (TA), Michael Foster (MF), Laura Smart (LS), Sean Chambers (SC), Michael Culkin (MC), Catherine Culkin (CC).

  1. Apologies for Absence


  1. Approval of minutes of last meeting

The minutes were approved.

  1. Review of previous actions

Of the 4 actions carried forward from February: two are complete, whilst two carry forward to April’s meeting.

  1. Financial Report and membership updates

LS reported that finances and subscriber numbers remain healthy.

MF reported that Trust membership, having lost two members in the past month, was boosted by three new joiners, so numbers hold firm.

Chairman’s Update

Club shirt: Scott Grimes’ family asked TA to arrange for a team shirt to be signed by the team and presented to Scott’s son.  TA spoke to the Club; it was agreed that the shirt would be signed as soon as players had recovered from Covid.  TA picked it up on Monday 22nd; he presented it, together with a signed letter from the Trust to Scott’s best friend, in advance of the celebratory wake held this afternoon. TA attended the memorial service and personally passed on our condolences to Scott’s family.

Update on Cash for Shots (CFS) Shotsweb post:  We prepared a response to a number of very specific Shotsweb questions concerning the accounting for / management of CFS and posted it back to the Shotsweb chain.  However, it was quickly removed by an administrator, who decided that the chain was getting too big.  This was disappointing, to say the least, but it was then sent on to the main questioner personally.  It has been read, but the individual in question has not responded in any way.  Time having moved on, the Board decided that we should provide the response to any member who would like a copy.

Diversity training: Malcolm Clarke from the FSA contacted TA.  He advised that, as lockdown was soon to ease, the diversity training (needed before the lifting of the Trust’s suspension) would be arranged as soon as possible. We look forward to resuming our place within the FSA family.

Share certificate:  The Club has today provided the share certificate for the shares purchased almost a year ago, on 20th April 2020.

ATFC Accounts: In his capacity as Chairman of the Trust, a Club shareholder, TA on 19th March emailed Mr Green to request a copy of the 2019-20 accounts. We look forward to receiving them.

SLT Update: The resumption of Grassroots football has been approved.  Training resumes on April 1st at the 4G pitch; we have also offered a training session on our Bourley Road grass pitch on Friday 2nd April, for those team members who wish to squeeze in extra training ahead of our first match. Grassroots officials have agreed both protocols and the fixtures for April.  Pitches are booked in at our home ground at Bourley Road, including a match on Easter Sunday.

Agreed protocols are:

  • The Team are permitted to travel together in car shares, should they wish to do so;
  • No changing room usage allowed, other than for the use of toilets;
  • No spectators are allowed, nor should they be encouraged to attend our matches;
  • All clubs must carry out risk assessments, so TA has prepared one should the league or county FA ask for it;
  • No mention has been made of ‘track and trace’, but we have that capability anyway.

Our April fixtures are:

  • Sunday 4th: Yateley, 10.30am, home game;
  • Sunday 11th: Frogmore, 10.30am, away game;
  • Sunday 11th: Frogmore, 12:15am, home game;
  • Sunday 18th: FYFC Old Boys, 10.30am, away game;
  • Sunday 25th: FC Barossa (H) – 10.30am, home game;
  • Sunday 25th: FC Barossa (H) – 12:15am, away game.

We are playing two matches on both 11th and 25th, because Covid issues (our own and other teams) mean that we are trailing in the number of games played.  These four are all at Bourley Road; in each case, the second game is classed as an away game.

TA is currently in talks with an ex-Aldershot Town FC footballer, around working with the team in training sessions. Dates and times of training sessions have been provided; TA hopes to conclude the discussions shortly. The support of such an experienced player will be a huge boost to both the Trust and the Football Team.

  1. AOB
  • LS mentioned the need to book a venue for the Annual General Meeting this year. Last year’s AGM was conducted online, via survey, email correspondence and personal interaction with members via telephone.  Whilst successful given the severe restrictions imposed by Covid-19 and endless lockdowns, our preference is always to hold the AGM face-to-face. The Board agreed.
  • We discussed the potential new Trust database designed by Andy Burke, which is looking very good. SC will continue to liaise with Mr Burke on further developments.

Meeting conclusion:              20:30


Date of Next Meeting:           21st April, venue TBC

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