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Shots new Commercial Director Mark Butler

Summary of the meeting of the Board of Directors

Wednesday 3 September 2014 at the Electrical Services Stadium

 Attendees :  Ian Barnett (IB), Dave Donovan (DD), Bob Green (BG), Janet Guess (JG), Peter O’Donnell (PO) (part),  Tommy Anderson (TA).  Apologies for absence were received from Stuart Griffiths (SG) Ian Goodwright (IG), Jason Berney (JB) and Sefton Owens (SO).

The highlight of this meeting was the presentation by Mark Butler (MB), Commercial Manager of the Football Club.

IB welcomed MB to the meeting, who in turn thanked the Trust Board for inviting him.  His hope was to bridge any gaps between the Trust and the Football Club and make the relationship even better.  He emphasised that his role was to generate funds for the Football Club although the Football Club were also keen to contribute to community events.  He thanked Nicky Banger for his work as the previous Commercial Manager but was pleased to report that income from sponsorship this season would surpass that of last year.  He paid credit to the Football Club Board as they had secured the major sponsors before his appointment.  There were several areas where he considered he could work with the Trust.


i.          Scoreboard

MB agreed that the scoreboard was not being used to its full potential and that match and ball sponsors details and fans’ birthdays, etc should be shown on this.  It was agreed that a dedicated email address be set up for use by fans and sponsors.

MB was also looking at reselling the substitution sponsorship and corner sponsorship, and these logos would also be uploaded to the scoreboard.


ii.         Pictorial History of the Football Club

MB was looking to produce a series of 25, or more, pictures of defining games in the history of the Football Club from 1926 to be displayed in the EBB and AKM lounges and the Phoenix Bar.  He was looking for sponsorship of £250 or more for each picture and hoped the Trust would be prepared to sponsor one or more.  The following season MB hoped to do the same for the 25 most iconic players in the Club’s history and would be keen for supporters to provide ten of these.


iii.        Sportsman Dinner

MB asked if the Trust would help by publicising this and it was agreed to include it in the next Trust newsletter.


iv.        Hospitality

MB was keen that all supporters had the opportunity to experience what hospitality was available in the EBB Lounge on a matchday and asked if the Trust would consider holding a draw for two tickets for matchday hospitality.  The Trust thought this an excellent idea but would need to consider the logistics.


v.         Commercial Activity

MB said that he would be more than willing to appear at any event the Trust arranged himself or arrange for another ex-player to attend and the Trust welcomed this offer.


vi.        BAFTA (Bring a Friend to Aldershot)

The Club were planning to target the Eastleigh game as the BAFTA match where they would be encouraging all supporters to bring at least one friend.  MB was keen that the Trust both publicise this and support it themselves.


vii.       Supporter Survey

MB had received a copy of the Survey Action Plan and would respond to the points raised after consultation with the Football Club Board.


Inflatable Goal

The Trust were still considering purchasing a goal but there were some issues to take into account, including the cost, health and safety and having volunteers to run it. 


Phoenix Mascot

Supporters are reminded to enter the competition to design the next Phoenix costume.


Away Travel

Minibuses had been run to Eastleigh and to Telford, and it was hoped to arrange transport for the trips to Nuneaton and Dover.

It was suggested that supporters could register with to possible arrange lift shares to matches.


Community Stand

130 bookings had been taken for the Woking match, with over 1000 requested for the season so far.   The Trust had been represented at the ~AGM of the North East Hampshire Youth League which had gone well and it was hoped to receive further bookings from this.



This is a great way for supporters to do their on-line shopping and donate funds to the Trust at the same time at no extra cost to themselves.


Meeting with the Football Club Board

This would be held on Wednesday, 8 October, and supporters would be requested to raise any questions or comments with the Trust.



The Trust were keen to hear from any supporters who would be willing to join the Board or just help at the front of the ground on a matchday.  Anyone interested should either see us at the Gazebo on a matchday or contact


University Links

Plans were in hand for the Freshers Fayres at Guildford and Farnham in September and October.


Player Sponsorship

It was agreed to sponsor the home and away kit for Damon Lathrope.


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