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Minutes of meeting of the Board of Directors

Wednesday 15 October 2014 at the Electrical Services Stadium


Attendees : Ian Barnett (IB), Dave Donovan (DD), Ian Goodwright (IG), Bob Green (BG), Stuart Griffiths (SG), Janet Guess (JG), Peter O’Donnell (PO), Tommy Anderson (TA)


  1. Apologies for Absence

Apologies for absence were received from Jason Berney (JB), and Sefton Owens (SO).


  1. Approval of the minutes of the meeting held on 3 September 2014

The minutes were circulated prior to the board meeting and were received by all. These were approved by the meeting and the Chairman signed accordingly.


  1. Matters arising not on the agenda
    i. Mark Butler’s Presentation

Scoreboard : SO had set up a dedicated email address that supporters and sponsors could use to request birthdays, etc to be shown on the scoreboard. BG was designing a form that could be used by supporters for the same purpose that could be given to the scoreboard operators and for announcements over the tannoy. SG would also notify the scoreboard operators of any juniors’ birthdays from the membership database.


BG agreed to remind Victoria Rogers to forward any relevant details she received for the programme and the Football Club staff for any requests for birthday, and MB to get sponsors’ logos across in advance.


Pictorial History of the Football Club : The Trust Board had agreed to sponsor one of the pictures and IB had advised MB accordingly.

Sportsman Dinner : This was still to be included it in the next Trust newsletter.


Hospitality : The Trust Board were keen to organise a raffle for hospitability prizes, details to be agreed.

ACTION : Trust Board

Supporter Survey : MB was still to respond to the points raised in the action plan and it was agreed that JG would remind him of the action points from the meeting.


  1. SO Website expenses

SO had not yet provided his expenses in sizeable chunks, with invoices or proof of payment, but it was agreed that the outstanding amount be paid although SO still needed to provide proof of payment for auditing purposes. IG/DD agreed to contact SO to facilitate this. The direct debit needed to be set up for the regular payments.


It was agreed that going forward all expenses should be submitted within three months or may not be paid.

iii.        Website – Director Profiles and Photos

JB and DD’s profiles were not yet on the Trust website.


  1. Scoreboard

BG as still to ask the volunteers to relacquer the top and bottom brackets of the scoreboard with red oxide paint.


TA and IG had had a productive meeting with Paul Breading and the scoreboard was now being used more to its potential with announcements before the game, at half–time and full-time as well as flashes throughout the match. Paul was also working with the Commercial Department to ensure they received maximum benefit from the scoreboard and Kappodeano would provide both live video clips and action from previous games to show on the scoreboard.

  1. FSOA

A request for volunteers to train as stewards was still to be included in the next newsletter.


  1. Financial Report

IG was still to hand over the accounts to DD.


vii.       Player of the Month

Discussion was held about the possibility of supporters without pc access voting for the player of the month at the front of the ground and it was agreed this might be a good idea.

viii.      Shots Trust Honorary President

Lifetime Membership Certificates were still to be presented to Frank Burt and John Orme and it was agreed to do this before the Torquay match on 25 October. IG would print the certificates for this.


  1. Pop Up Sign

IB was still to circulate details of signs available to advertise the Trust. BG said that there may be signs at the Club used previously be the Commercial Department which he would get out.



  1. Financial Report

IG stated that the financial situation was quite stable with minimal income and expenditure. Money had been received from Goldstation for their share in scoreboard expenses. DD and IB both signed the signatory mandate to facilitate transfer of the accounts to DD.


  1. Priorities

It was agreed that the Board should concentrate on and complete certain items which were agreed as :

Launch of Forever Shots – by 23 October 2014

Organisation of Community Stand/Front of Ground – by 30 November 2014 (and on-going)

Handover of Financial Report and Newsletter – both by 30 November

New Rules – by December meeting



  1. Sub-Committees


  1. Forever Shots (PO/SO/DD)

This was now ready to launch, with a web version and printed leaflets and application forms available, and a launch date of 23 October was agreed, going out on the social media, Shotsweb, the Trust website and local press. TA had a press release prepared which he agreed to send to IG for a final check.


IB agreed to contact Brian Bloomfield to ask if the Club had any objections to the launch being mentioned in the Trust programme notes.


PO was still to prepare the FAQs which he would circulate to the Board.


All supporters would be encouraged to donate but non-members of the Trust should firstly be encouraged to join the Trust but would be made honorary members if not.


  1. Supporter Survey (IB/JG)

Brian Bloomfield had agreed at the meeting with the Football Club that the Action Plan should be published but it was agreed to make sure Mark Butler was happy before doing this. JG agreed to contact MB to give him this opportunity although it was agreed it would be released to supporters before the next meeting.



  • Phoenix (TA/IB/BG)

Deputy : It was agreed to advertise on social media for a volunteer to be the Phoenix if Will was ever unable to do so. BG confirmed that the volunteer did not need to be CRB checked.


Design Competition : It was agreed that this would be advertised on social media, etc with a closing date of 31 October, with a prize of a Shots shirt for the winner. IB agreed to send TA the original brief to use.


Christmas Lights Switch On : BG volunteered to be the Phoenix at the Aldershot Christmas Lights event on 20 November, with TA as his helper. SG agreed to ask Will if he would be available to represent the Club at the Guildford event at 5.30 pm on Saturday, 15 November.



  1. Website/Comms (SO/TA)

Social Media : There had been excellent interaction on social media, with good feedback from the Community Stand for the Woking game, and good PR for the Freshers Fayres and the announcement of Frank Burt’s Presidency. Likes on Facebook had now increased to 190 with 412 followers on Twitter. TA had sent a good luck message to James Wade for his darts final.

Trust Board Photo : TA had received a request from young supporter, Andy, who was doing a project on the Trust, to take a photo of the Trust Board to include in this, and a date of 25 October at 1.45 was agreed for this, and that Andy could also take the photos of the presentations to John Orme and Frank Burt. TA agreed to email Andy with the details and IB to invite John. JG would also remind everyone before the game that their presence was required.


Trust website : TA and IB agreed to get together in November to go through putting information on the website.


Newsletter : TA and IG agreed to get together to produce a newsletter to include :

The Forever Shots Launch

Community Stand update

Request for volunteers

Player of the Month

Phoenix costume competition

James Wade evening

Damon Lathrope sponsorship.


  1. Away Travel (IG/TA)

A minibus would be running to Dartford and it was agreed that a list be published of the trips that the Trust would be organising until the end of the season with consideration given to arranging transport for Wrexham.


A complaint had been received from the police about a drink problem on the Trust minibus to Dover but it was agreed that the police were mistaken as it was the coach arranged by Tony Roberts where there had been a problem. IG agreed to respond to the police accordingly but he would also make them aware of any trips the Trust were organising.


Several non Trust members travel on the Trust minibus and it was discussed whether they should be offered an incentive to join the Trust. IG and TA agreed to take membership leaflets on the coach to give to such people.


Requests had been received from supporters for the Trust to arrange transport for long distance matches but this was difficult because of the low numbers who had showed interest in the past and the problems for the volunteer driver if only a minibus was viable.


  1. vi. Board Practice/Model Board Policy/Conflicts of Interest//Ground as a Community Asset (PD/JG)

JG and PO were still to meet to discuss the new rules and the associated policies. Once this was complete, they would concentrate on the Ground as a Community Asset.



vii.       Community Stand (IB/BG/JB)

A great deal of good feedback and photos had been received from those using the Community Stand and there was a great take up. It was emphasised that those sitting in the Stand should report to the Trust Gazebo so that they could receive posters, sweets, etc, and IB agreed to circulate the spreadsheet of attendees to all.


IB had not yet approached John Orme about his involvement but agreed to do so.


No further action had been taken on the quotes received by JG for goodie bag items and IB agreed to remind JB to co-ordinate this in time for the next meeting.


The Football Club Board were supportive of the idea of the Trust purchasing an inflatable goal which could be used on matchdays and hired out to organisations. IB needed to approach Richard Petty about the H&S aspects.


Concerns were raised about the manning of the goal and storage but it was suggested that the Academy players might man it and it could be kept in an unused turnstile. DD suggested that market research needed to be conducted to gauge the hiring potential of the goal and charge and IB agreed to contact those using the Community Stand after first circulating the questionnaire to the Board for comment.



viii      Membership (IG/DD/SO/JB)

A few new memberships had been received and IG committed to sending reminders to those members due to renew.


It was agreed that it was not imperative that the membership cards be laminated. It would also be useful for those at the gazebo to be able to provide membership cards with a membership number to new members and IG agreed to provide the latest number used.






  1. Meeting with the Football Club Board

A positive meeting had been held between IB and TA of the Trust and Brian Bloomfield and Andy Muckett of the Football Club Board on 8 October and notes of this meeting would be circulated and published on the Trust website shortly.


With regard to the Shareholders meeting, it was disappointing that no-one other than BG from the Trust Board had been able to attend although BG confirmed that nothing contentious had been discussed.


  1. Front of Ground

It was agreed that as many of the Board as possible man the gazebo on 25 October, especially as the Trust Board pfoto was to be taken and Forever Shots would have been launched. JG agreed to remind everyone prior to the match.


It was agreed that the programme notes for this match would either be on the launch of Forever Shots or the Trust Achievements.


DD claimed not to have received the rota for programme notes and JG agreed to forward this to him.



  1. Fundraising
  2. Darts Evening – TA agreed to contact James Wade to agree a date with him for this event.


  1. Sponsored Walk – It was agreed that a sponsored walk to an away match be considered after Christmas.

iii.        Christmas Raffle – DD volunteered to get the tickets and manage this and IB agreed to contact JB to ask him to source prizes, other than the wine which was already available.



JB had not yet circulated his ideas for fundraising and JG agreed to remind him.



  1. University Links

Feedback from the Freshers Fayre at Guildford had been good, with Farnham not quite as successful and it was considered not worth doing Farnham next year. TA agreed to contact Farnborough College of Technology to see if they would be interested in a similar event.



  1. Any Other Business


  1. SpendandRaise

TA agreed to publicise this on the Trust social media and newsletter.


  1. The Source

IB said that he had been contacted by Sue Cullen at the Source and asked to promote the quiz night to be held in the EBB Lounge on 30 October at a cost of £10 per head to include a fish and chip supper.


  1. Date of Next Meeting

This had been agreed for Wednesday, 19 November 2014 at 6.45 pm at the ESS Stadium.


The meeting closed at 10.05 pm



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