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Minutes of meeting of the Board of Directors

Wednesday 3 December 2014 at the Electrical Services Stadium

Attendees : Ian Barnett (IB), Dave Donovan (DD), Ian Goodwright (IG), Bob Green (BG), Stuart Griffiths (SG), Janet Guess (JG), Sefton Owens (SO),Tommy Anderson (TA) and John Orme (JO)


  1. Apologies for Absence

Apologies for absence were received from Dave Donovan (DD), Jason Berney (JB), and Peter O’Donnell (PO).


  1. Approval of the minutes of the meeting held on 15 October 2014

The minutes were circulated prior to the board meeting and were received by all. These were approved by the meeting and the Chairman signed accordingly.


  1. Matters arising not on the agenda
    i. Mark Butler’s Presentation

Scoreboard : BG agreed to remind Victoria Rogers to forward any relevant details she received for the programme and the Football Club staff for any requests for birthday so that these could be displayed on the scoreboard.


Hospitality : The Trust Board were keen to organise a raffle for hospitability prizes, details to be agreed and discussed with MB at a later date.

ACTION : Trust Board

Supporter Survey : MB had not responded to the points raised in the action plan but it was agreed that this would be published to all supporters.


  1. SO Website expenses

SO agreed to provide his bank details and proof of expenditure to enable these to be paid.


iii.        Website – Director Profiles and Photos

JB and DD’s profiles were not yet on the Trust website.


  1. Scoreboard

BG has still to ask the volunteers to relacquer the top and bottom brackets of the scoreboard with red oxide paint but they were currently extremely busy.


  1. Pop Up Sign

BG was still to check what signs were available at the Club.



  1. Welcome to John Orme

IB welcomed JO to the meeting as he was keen to help the Trust move forward. JO said he recognised that the Trust Board were very keen but to the majority of supporters the Trust was not important and they were not aware of what the Trust did. He also said that the relationship with the Football Club was a problem. He said that there were several projects that the Trust could help with; eg providing furniture for the outside bar provided by Clarks, fund a new toilet block, pay for the replacement or repair of the scoreboard outside the ground, take over the running of the Hot Shots Café and provide pies. It was agreed that the Trust should go to the Football Club Board to discuss funding and have an agenda item on What Can the Trust Do For You.


SG volunteered to contact Andrew Clark to discuss the costs of a new toilet block.


JO said that he would be happy to help with a project.


  1. Financial Report

IG apologised for the lack of progress in transferring the accounts to DD. DD had received a request from the Bank for further details to facilitate the transfer. IG said that the report sent to the FSA at the end of the financial year would contain all the relevant information and agreed to send a copy to DD.



  1. Priorities
  2. Forever Shots : This had been launched and it was agreed to increase publicity for it in the New Year.
  3. Community Stand : IB said that this was very time-consuming and considered it to be a job for two people. He was keen that the Trust take over complete management of the Stand and a sub-committee of IB/SO and JO was set up to investigate this possibility.


IB agreed to forward TA details of the numbers of groups using the Community Stand.


Front of Ground : PO and IG agreed to erect the gazebo for the FA Cup game against Rochdale, with support from IB, and IG and TA would be responsible for the Trophy match against Burgess Hill.

JO mentioned that Dave Cutler of Yateley MOT was rather disappointed that the Gazebo was not always used and it was agreed to present him with a bottle of wine at Christmas to thank him for his support.


  • Handover of Newsletter : IG and TA were still to meet but would do so over the Christmas break. In the meantime, IG agreed to provide TA with the database and TA to provide draft text for the next newsletter.


  1. New Rules : JG and PO had met and drafted the new rules and associated policies which they would circulate to the Board.



  1. Sub-Committees


  1. Phoenix (TA/IB/BG)

Design Competition : At least twenty entries had been received for the design of the Phoenix costume. IB agreed to circulate these to the Directors for on-line voting.



  1. Website/Comms (SO/TA)

Website: SO said that there had not been much to update on the Trust website recently apart from programme notes and Forever Shots. He said that people did not go to the website unless directed to it and that it would be good to do something to increase traffic. Ideas suggested were to encourage fans to write blogs and post to the website, a Trust-based message board where people could say what they wanted from the Trust, have a ‘Trust Day’ and sponsor a match, etc, and a Paypal account on the site where people could make donations.

Social Media : TA said that there were now 433 followers on Twitter and 209 on Facebook, a new high. His aim was to have 230 by Christmas.


iii.       Away Travel (IG/TA)

Good feedback had been received for the additional pick-ups at Farnham and Farnborough for the trip to Portsmouth. This trip had made a profit of about £500. Travel to Welling, Woking and Barnet was being considered.

  1. Community Stand (IB/BG/JB)

IB agreed to circulate an excel spreadsheet of attendees to all so that those at the Gazebo were aware how many were attending.


No further action had been taken on the quotes received by JG for goodie bag items and IB agreed to remind JB to co-ordinate this in time for the next meeting.


Richard Petty was supportive of the idea of the Trust purchasing an inflatable goal which could be used on matchdays and hired out to organisations. IB had sent a questionnaire to those using the Community Stand for feedback on hiring the inflatable and had received positive feedback. Because of the difficulty of transporting the goal, it was agreed to consider a smaller goal and IB agreed to contact ShootForGoal regarding this.



  1. Membership (IG/DD/SO/JB)

IG committed to sending reminders to those members due to renew.



  1. Meeting with the Football Club Board

It was agreed that a meeting with the Football Club Board should be arranged for after Christmas. IB felt that the Trust had strong allies in Brian Bloomfield and Andy Muckett.


  1. Garden of Remembrance

Brian Bloomfield had forwarded a letter from Mike Pusey to the Trust regarding the fact that the Garden of Remembrance was full and asking for their views. It was not possible to expand the garden but a remembrance wall was being considered behind the garden with memorial plaques. The Trust Board were in favour of this approach and BG agreed to keep the Board informed of progress.



  1. Fundraising
  2. Darts Evening – TA agreed to contact James Wade to agree a date with him for this event.


  1. Sponsored Walk – It was agreed that a sponsored walk to an away match be considered after Christmas.
  • Raffle – It was agreed that a Christmas raffle was not viable but that further ideas be discussed at the next meeting.
  1. Shirt donated by Steve Claridge – It was agreed to auction this on e-bay and TA/IG agreed to get the shirt.



  1. Any Other Business
  2. Lucky7s

SO said that DD was doing a brilliant job with this and it had the potential to raise considerable funds for the Trust. He urged others to sign up.


  1. End of Season Supporters Match

BG agreed to let JB know what dates were available for this fundraiser.



  1. Date of Next Meeting

This had been agreed for Wednesday, 16 December 2014 at 6.45 pm at the ESS Stadium.


The meeting closed at 10.00 pm



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