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Minutes of the teleconference meeting of Board of Directors

Wednesday 22nd April 2020

Attendees: Tom Anderson (TA), Mick Lee (ML), Michael Foster (MF), Laura Smart (LS), Robin Carder (RC), Alan Hillier (AH).

  1. Apologies for Absence

Sean Chambers (SC)

  1. Approval of minutes of last meeting

The minutes were approved.

  1. Review of previous actions

Of the 6 actions carried forward from previous meetings, 5 were completed, 1 c/fwd.

  1. Financial Report

ML presented his update on the Trust’s financial position, which was then discussed. No points of interest or concern were raised with the accounts themselves.

The discussion moved on to consider roles following ML’s resignation (effective 31st July).  It was agreed that LS would take on the accounting role, at least in the short term.  ML / LS to organise handover discussions prior to ML’s departure.

  1. Chairman’s Update

Lewis Scard: Mr Scard emailed in response to the Trust’s offer of financial support. Mr Scard acknowledged our offer, thanked the Trust for it and confirmed that they would be happy to accept. The Club has also said that they will be happy to liaise with us on a mutually agreed PR statement. Recognising the difficulty of arranging a PR photo with Club members during lockdown, LS suggested using our presentation cheque to produce our own PR photo, potentially in front of the Club.

Our offer covered £5k for the immediate purchase of Club shares (partly funded by BTB money), and a further £5k to be invested in agreed projects. A later phone call between TA and Mr Bob Green has identified one project immediately, which is being looked into.

Board members are delighted by the more positive tone of the discussion with the Club.  We very much welcome the opportunity to work more closely with the Club.

  1. Charity donation: Step by Step

LS reported that she had been in touch with Step by Step, had received their bank details and that payment has now been organised.  Step by Step will publicise the donation on their own website, with a link to Shots Trust.

  1. Cash for Shots and general fundraising

LS gave an update on the Cash for Shots data.  Membership is increasing and funds are in a healthy position.  That being the case, LS suggested that we could run a quarterly special ballot for CFS subscribers in addition to the usual weekly draw. This suggestion met with the agreement of the Board; LS will consider what the prize level might be.

LS asked Board members to consider how we might identify suitable projects for CFS funding. Could we get ask fans to put forward their ideas?  RC was tasked to launch a survey for fans, to gather their thoughts on potential Club projects that CFS funds could be invested in.

RC mentioned that the curtailment of the season meant that there had been no Player of the Season (PoTS). Board members agreed that the Trust should organise the vote.  TA will speak to Mr Green and ask if the Club would be happy for us to organise the PoTS vote. If yes, RC will organise a survey for fans to vote on PoTS.

Post meeting note: a survey for PoTS has now been launched on the website.  It has been shared with the Supporters’ Club, who will make it available to their own members.

  1. AOB

TA noted that the website piece on the ground redevelopment had been well received.

Given the silence on the lease over the last 4 months, the Redevelopment Sub-committee has been asked to formulate the Trust’s own vision of the redevelopment.

Thinking of the Trust as The Voice of the Fans: following discussion on exactly what that means, Board members came up with some ideas to boost our role. We see ourselves as being a ‘critical friend’ to the Club; willing to advise and support the Club, whilst retaining our independence.

We also want to encourage fans’ love of the game, and build community interest in the Club. Some options we could consider could be:

  • Working with the Club to arrange access to games’ videos;
  • Voting on key goals scored, best goals of the month / season;
  • Working with the Club again, stage pre-match and halftime entertainment, perhaps a kick-about for children;
  • Engage with the Academy to further encourage children to know, engage with and enjoy the Club and its facilities;
  • walking football; and, last but not least…
  • compile and share a list of comparable Trusts, so that we can see what others do and learn from their experiences.


Meeting conclusion:              21:15.

Date of Next Meeting:           20th May, teleconference.

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