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Minutes of the Board of Directors
Wednesday 3 April 2019

Attendees : Janet Guess (JG), Robin Carder (RC), Mick Lee (‘M), Sean Chambers (SC) and Tommy Anderson (TA)

1.    Apologies for absence
There were no apologies for absenc

2.     Financial Report
ML provided up to date figures.  The Dover coach may run at a slight loss although a £40 donation was promised to subsidise this.  TA said that he had negotiated two tickets for hospitality and a raffle would be held for these on the Dover coaches and this should offset any loss.

3.     Chairman’s Report
The Trust were pleased to witness the Golden Ticket draw and can confirm that this was done fairly, professionally and transparently.

TA had been interviews by BBC Radio Surrey the previous Saturday.

Adam McDonnell had changed accommodation.  The Club were paying 75% of the cost and the Trust 25%.

John Leopard had requested a one to one meeting with TA which he rejected as none of the items discussed at the previous meeting had been carried through.

The Trust had informed the Football Club that they only had funds to pay £15,000 this season and had received no response.

4.    Plans Going Forward

TA said that the Trust now needed to change its focus and openly hold the Club to account and represent the fans more vocally.  SC said we should work to improve the match day experience and act as liaison between the Club and supporters, raising issues such as the poor variety of drinks available in the bars.  He favoured regular meetings with the Club.

RC thought we should continue fundraising activities but needed to define a new purpose, which we must do at the next meeting.  He thought that healthy redevelopment of the ground was key to the future of the Club.  TA said it might be useful to get the ground registered with the Council as a community asset.  JG felt it was important to work with the Club as well as acting as a critical friend.

5.   Any Other Business

5.1.  Stewarding – one of the stewards had provided figures for the provision of stewards which could save the Club a great deal of money.
5.2.   Player of the Season – it was agreed that this should go ahead at the Hartlepool match with the Trophy being presented at the Havant match on Easter Monday.  RC agreed to collect votes for the South Stand and JG would try to find volunteers for other parts of the ground.
5.3.   End of Year Accounts – ML said these should be ready for audit by mid July and TA agreed to contact Mike Greenwood to ask if he could do this.
5.4.   Meg Gurung Presentation – TA would go through this and agree if it was worthwhile to take on.

6.   Date of Next Meeting
Wednesday, 15 May 7 pm at Brewers Fayre to include end of season meal.

There being no other business, the meeting closed at 8.26 pm

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