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Minutes of the Board of Directors
Wednesday 3 June 2019

Attendees : Robin Carder (RC), Mick Lee (ML), Sean Chambers (SC) and Tommy Anderson (TA)

1. Apologies for absence

There were no apologies for absence

2. Going forward

Janet Guess has unfortunately resigned her role as Trust Secretary after many years of dedicated service. Janet will still be found in the club office on a matchday helping out with the shop – but has decided to focus on other hobbies/activities. Tommy and the Trust board would like to put on record their sincere thanks to Janet for her help with Supporters Club and Trust over many years. She will be sadly missed.

Robin will handle membership and POTM voting in the interim due to overlap with IT systems already managed. Other roles discussed below, or available for new volunteers.

ACTION – TA, send flowers and card
ACTION – RC/TA, retrieve Janets’ handover pack (and remaining scratch cards from club) ASAP

Tommy updated the board that he would be intending to step down as Chairman from in the near future, exact date to be advised. After 3 intense years it was seen as time for a “rest”. Sean Chambers volunteered, uncontested, to replace him. AGM to confirm. Tommy would continue as an active member of the Trust board.

Kelly Chambers and one other volunteer (Maggy Keenan, secretary) have shown interest in joining the board.

ACTION – TA/ SC to invite to July meeting

It was agreed that the Trust would seek confirmation at the AGM of three core principles (as captured separately in RC’s draft memo).
Summarized as:

  • Trust should act as primary fans liaison
  • Trust should act as key voice and express views on Rec redevelopment
  • Trust should continue to maximize fundraising activities

Funds would not though be spent on playing budget/short term club deficits.
As such, it was agreed that Boost The Budget would not run in the coming season.

ACTION – ML to write to existing Standing Order contributors to explain
ACTION – ALL remaining scratch cards to be destroyed.
ACTION – ALL press release to be drafted to outline above plans, for sign off at next meeting

3. Other groups

Topic of alternative Supporters Club, as raised by John Leppard at recent meetings

ACTION TA to write to club board.

Trust need to reach out to Foundation and East Bank groups in coming weeks.

4. Cash for Shots

Decision was considered to revert the scheme back to the club for running, as proposed by John Leppard at a recent meeting. Decision was postponed/pending.
ACTION TA/RC – find Cash for Shots cheque book in Janet handover box.
ACTION TA/ML – authorise cheques for winners until the end of June

5. Any Other Business

ACTION TA – Reach out to Dave Donovan to update him on the above. (ref lucky 7s) and Mike Pusey likewise.

6. Date of Next Meeting

Wednesday, 17 July 7 pm at Brewers Fayre
Wednesday, 14 Aug 7 pm at Brewers Fayre

There being no other business, the meeting closed at 8.20pm

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