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Summary of meeting of the Board of Directors

Monday 7 July 2014 at the Electrical Services Stadium


Meeting MinutesAttendees :  Ian Goodwright (IG), Ian Barnett (IB), Bob Green (BG), Janet Guess (JG), Peer O’Donnell (PO) Tommy Anderson (TA), Sefton Owens (S) by Skype, Dave Donovan (DD)

Apologies for absence were received from Stuart Griffiths (SG) and Jason Berney (JB)


Director Roles

Following the resignation of Ian Goodwright and John Orme from the positions of Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the Trust respectively, Ian Barnett and Stuart Griffiths were elected to these posts.  Ian Goodwright is remaining as a Director and has taken on the role as Director with responsibility for Membership.


Jason Berney had been elected as a Trust Director at the recent AGM but had unfortunately been unable to attend the meeting due to recent surgery and work commitments.  However, he had already shown a great deal of enthusiasm for the role and was given responsibility for Fundraising.


Vanessa Storey had resigned from the role of Treasurer at the AGM.  However, following a request for a volunteer for this role, Dave Donovan had stepped forward and had been invited to attend the meeting.  After a brief discussion, he was co-opted to the Trust Board to fill this position.


Sefton Owens would continue his responsibility for the website, and Tommy Anderson for media and he would take on the role of newsletter editor.  Janet Guess agreed to continue as Trust Secretary although it was agreed that it would be checked with Supporters Direct to see if the Trust rules could be adapted to allow her to have a vote.


Peter O’Donnell would continue his responsibilities with updating the Rules and Board practices, as well as keeping a keen involvement with in the Forever Shots Fund.


Bob Green was the Director with responsibility for liaison with the Football Club.


However, roles would continue to evolve as the year progressed.  The Trust website would be updated to include the new directors.


Forever Shots Fund

The Trust Board were aware that contributors were still awaiting confirmation that their funds had been transferred from the Escrow account and apologised for this.  Letters of acknowledgement would be sent in the very near future.


Plans were underway to launch the Fund to all supporters with a planned launch date of 1 August.  A sub-committee of PO, SO and DD was set up with responsibility for the Fund.


Model Rules

The 2014 Model Rules had now been received from Supporters Direct and JG and PO would work on these and the associated Model Board policies.   It had been stated that the new rules would be taken to the AGM next year but there was discussion on whether a Special General Meeting should be held to enable them to be adopted sooner.


Community Stand

Requests had already from several clubs and organisations to take up seats in the Community Stand for next season and the Trust would be making a presentation to North Hants Youth League in August.  For enquiries regarding he stand, supporters should contact the dedicated email address –


Meeting with Football Club Board

The next meeting with the Club Directors was arranged for Wednesday, 23 July.   The Trust would welcome any questions or comments from supporters that they would like raised with the Board on their behalf.   Please send this by email to or via the Shots Trust Twitter or Facebook account


Annual General Meeting

The draft minutes from the meeting are now on the Shots Trust website.


Community Events

  • Army Show –The Trust had had a stand at the recent Army Show which had been very successful until the weather took a turn for the worse.  Winners of the various competitions would be notified shortly.


  • Big Summer Sleep-Out – IG, TA and John Orme had taken part in this and raised over £350 in sponsorship, which the Trust would make up to £400.  This would be donated to Step by Step.


Phoenix Mascot

It was agreed that a competition for local schools and young supporters be held to design or choose the next Phoenix costume.  Details would be announced shortly.



A Trust priority was to support the Football Club and provide better facilities for supporters.  However, the cost of providing a Perspex side to the South Stand had proved prohibitive and the Trust would no longer by pursuing this.  Equally, and reluctantly, the Trust had decided not to support the project to provide a bar area on the site of the old toilet block behind the East Bank.  One reason for this was that the cost but it was also because the Football Club were not supporting the idea.  Clarks Catering still hoped to go ahead with the project and the Trust were still keen to improve the catering experience for supporters and encourage supporters to use the facilities inside the stadium rather than local pubs.


Trust \Office

The old club shop would be used for selling programmes next season (both the current and old programmes), as well as some Club merchandise, and therefore the Trust Office would be returned to Trust use – although the Trust would continue to predominantly use the Trust Gazebo at the front of the ground as long as weather permitted.  Racking was required to house the programmes and the Trust would welcome any volunteers who could help with this.  Please contact if you can help.


Supporter Survey

The Trust were continuing to work with the Football Club Board on the issues raised from the Survey.  IB had collated the comments from the Surveys and would be circulating these to the Trust and Football Club Boards.


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