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Trust Logo - Home PageOn Saturday 4th May all nine members of the Shots Trust Board of Directors held an emergency board meeting to discuss the implications of the club going into administration.

In fact, the administrators, Carl Jackson and Paul Goddard of Quantuma, are now running the day-to-day affairs of the club. The situation is still very fluid so you can expect further developments at any time. So far as we can tell the situation as it stands is as follows:-

The players and staff were not paid in April. So far as the players are concerned the administrators are in discussions with the PFA who can provide loans to cover the wages. As regards the staff, they will be having a meeting with the administrators regarding their future employment hopefully with a good outcome.

Some fans have made donations or offered their shares to The Trust and these are welcome, but it must be stressed that The Trust is not, nor is it likely to be, in a position to take over the club at this time unless some-one has the odd £500,000 about their person!

It has been confirmed that the only club directors are Kris Machala, Shahid Azeem, Tony Knights and John Leppard but, as already stated, they are not now in control of the club; this is in the hands of the administrators.

The team manager has a further one year on his contract and the administrators will be speaking to him and his coaching staff.

Many players will be out of contract by 30 June and those with extended contracts will have discussions with the administrators about their futures.

It was confirmed that so long as the club comes out of administration by 1 June (seven days before the Conference AGM) and has settled up with any players or other football club creditors, the club will play in the Conference Premier next season. The administrators are confident of meeting that the deadline of 1 June, so the alternative is not worth considering – although it would not be the Conference or Conference South!

The Trust is having discussions with the administrators to show its intent and support for the club and we are also in contact with Supporters Direct who can offer legal advice. Representatives from other Trusts have also shown a willingness to assist in any way they can.

The Trust thanks those who have offered to help but do not want to see duplication of effort. We have a strong team in place but will call on help when required.

All expressed their thanks to Terry Owens and Graham Brookland for their tremendous efforts over the past two weeks. Although this did not prevent administration it did show true loyalty to the club and sincerity that can only be of benefit to The Trust and future of the club.

Other News – and it’s all good!

Two Shots Legends!!

Two Shots Legends!!

The Sportsman’s Dinner on 3 May was very successful and it is hoped to show a profit of between £750.00 and £800.00. Many thanks to Terry Owens for organising and hosting the event and to

Graham Brookland for his contribution. Thanks also for donations from The Gold Station Jewellers, Dick Molden of RM Carpets and Steve Claridge who donated a signed England shirt.

Bob Green is having talks with the administrators on Tuesday and hopes to finalise the season ticket prices. It is anticipated that these will be the same as last season. It should be noted that the 2011/12 Season Ticket holders received a £20 discount voucher towards their 2012/13 Season Ticket. Such a voucher is not available this for the 2013/14 season. Bob Green is hoping that the administrators will agree that some special incentives can be offered to those who purchase Season Tickets, such as, two free guest passes plus free entry, home and away, for the first round of the three main cup competitions, ie FA Cup, FA Trophy and Conference League Cup. For further details see the Club website.

The Community Stand has proven to be very successful and The Trust will have 25 free tickets for every home league game – mainly for schools and junior football clubs. John Orme is working with a number of local junior football clubs on this project- such relationships will be of mutual benefit to the club and the Trust.

The Trust’s Vice Chairman, Ian Goodwright, was delighted and very proud to have been awarded the Paul Muddell Volunteer of the Year Trophy for 2012/13

Please keep supporting the Shots and we will keep you informed of any significant developments.

Peter Bridgeman

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