By | May 25, 2013

20130405-222110.jpgIt continues to be a very busy time for your Shots Trust Board and we are pleased to provide you with the following update:

Open Meeting

We have arranged an Open Meeting to discuss the Community Ownership model.  This will take place in the EBB Lounge at the EBB Stadium on 12th June, commencing at 7.00 pm.  There will be representation from Supporters Direct and a Community owned club so you can hear first hand the issues to be overcome, the day to day practicalities and the benefits.  There will of course be plenty of time for Questions & Answers.   We encourage you to come along, listen and have your say.

Community Ownership Survey

Around 700 responses were received to our survey launched just 2 weeks ago.  97% of those who responded were Shots supporters and in total 95% were in favour of the Trust pursuing a Community Ownership model for the football club.  A significant sum has been pledged by supporters towards helping us achieve that aim.

As anticipated, supporters have raised quite a number of questions and comments concerning Community Ownership.  We have therefore put together a FAQ page on our website –  We encourage you to visit the page and review the FAQs.

Encouraged by supporters’ appetite for Community Ownership, the Trust Board this week informed the  administrator that the Shots Trust would like to be considered as a bidder to take Aldershot Town FC (1992) Limited out of administration.  This has been acknowledged by the administrator.

Project Management

We understand supporters’ wish to be kept informed of developments and we are doing our best to fulfil this requirement.  We do ask supporters to appreciate that the Trust Board are all volunteers, mostly with full-time work commitments.  The Club’s administration and the path that supporters now wish the Trust to pursue has created a significant workload and time commitment.  With this in mind, we have submitted an application for professional support from the Co-operative Enterprise Hub.  If our application is successful, this assistance will be invaluable (and free of charge within certain limits).

This week’s Meeting with the administrator

During the above, it was advised that at present, there are 3 parties (including the Shots Trust) who have expressed an interest in taking the Club out of administration.

There remains uncertainty regarding the Company Voluntary Administration (CVA) rules that should apply to the Club’s administration.  This is due to an unusual sequence of events and their timing – the Club went into administration after the end of the season (whilst still a League 2 club), but before the Club had been accepted into the Conference.  Different CVA rules apply to League clubs and Conference clubs.  Essentially, League clubs are able to agree a CVA which pays ‘pennies in the pound’ whereas Conference clubs need to agree a CVA which repays the relevant debts within a 3 year period.  See below for a link to the Conference rules:


Suffice to say that clarification and a determination is being sought by the administrator with the authorities.

Membership Continues to Grow

We thank all those who are joining the Trust and strengthening our numbers.  We are now 650+ strong, but we need to keep going, so please continue to encourage your fellow supporters, friends, family and work colleagues to join up.

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