By | May 2, 2014

ATFC Supporters Survey 2014_0009We are now delighted to publish in full the results of the fans survey we conducted with the club recently.

You can download the full, 60 page survey by clicking this link.  ATFC Supporters Survey 2014  (Please note it is a PDF file so you’ll require Adobe PDF Reader to view it.  The PDF Reader software can be downloaded for free here)

For any supporters wanting a printed copy we can offer a full colour, bound copy, delivered anywhere in the UK for £10.  Please email with your details if you are interested in this.

The full survey breaks down each of the areas in detail but we have summarised the main findings below (note you’ll also find these at the end of the full survey document)


  • Supporters of Aldershot Town are incredibly loyal. Most have been supporting the team for the whole of their lives. 75% of people have supported the club for more than 20 years.
  • The fanbase is increasingly old. Supporters seem to sense that unless more young people can be attracted, the club will eventually die.
  • Most supporters are relatively local – within 10 miles – but there are a number of people who travel very long distances to support the Shots.
  • A fairly high proportion of the people filling in this survey appear to be fairly well-off.ATFC Supporters Survey 2014_0034
  • A high proportion of females are season ticket holders – meaning that there may be an opportunity to encourage women to attend on a less formal basis.
  • Quite a lot of people failed to renew their season tickets held in 2013. This also had a direct impact on gates and also has allowed some supporters to get out of the habit. This means you don’t have to turn up for games on Tuesday evenings, for example.
  • More people say they are attending fewer games – some of these are past season ticket holders – but not exclusively.
  • Funnily enough, people basically say that winning isn’t everything and has little effect on the number of games attended.
  • There are big differences in gender, age and attitude amongst those watching the game from various parts of the ground. The East Bank and South Stand are probably as different as you can get.
  • Atmosphere and the quality of the football are more important to supporters than anything else. If comfort and facilities were vital, people would probably not be coming to Aldershot.
  • However, the biggest ‘opportunity’ for increasing satisfaction is to increase the comfort in seating areas. People sitting down are less comfortable than those standing up. This is especially so for older fans.
  • ATFC Supporters Survey 2014_0012As far as supporters are concerned, ticket prices should be:
  • £15 for an Adult Terrace Ticket
  • £17 for an Adult Seating Ticket
  • £5 for an U16 Terrace Ticket
  • Around £7.50 for an U16 Seat
  • A flexible season ticket would be popular
  • A half-price part season ticket is less interesting
  • Some people like goal music – but they are in a minority
  • The Tannoy is too loud or not loud enough, depending on who you are or where you are.
  • The stewards are OK
  • Shotsweb is the most popular form of communication – but there may be a slight sample bias here.
  • Young people make a great deal of use of twitter and facebook to get information about the club
  • Older people still read newspapers
  • Bit of a split on the issue of communication between the club and supporters
  • However, the Trust and the supporters are seen as communicating well



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