By | September 19, 2014

Frank2The Shots Trust are delighted to announce that long serving supporter Frank Burt is our new Honorary President.

The Shots Trust are delighted to announce the appointment of Frank Burt as our new Honorary President. Frank is the second President of the Shots Trust, a role previously allocated by one of the founding fathers of Aldershot Town FC Graham Brookland.

Frank is Aldershot Town’s oldest supporter, having celebrated his centenary (100th!) birthday back in January and the Trust Board wanted to offer this position to Frank in recognition of his continued generosity and support to the Shots Trust.

The role of President is a non-board position and will not entail any voting rights other than that of any paid up member of the Trust.
Frank is a lifelong supporter of the club, watching his first game at the age of 13, when the Club was first founded in 1926, and has been a regular supporter ever since.

In the past he has financially supported the Trust and Football Club having funded the electronic score-board along with finding funds for key players to be signed.

Shots Trust Media Director and Spokesperson Tommy Anderson commented” We are delighted that Frank has accepted our offer on becoming the new Honorary President of the Shots Trust. Frank is highly respected and well known to Shots Fans. His support for the Trust and Club over the years is an inspiration and I’m thrilled that Frank has agreed to be our new President. The role of a new President is something as a Trust Board we have discussed at length in recent months and when we produced a list of potential candidates for this role, one man met all the criteria that we set and that was Frank Burt. Frank has been, and continues to be a resolute supporter and a dear friend to us. We see this as a fitting tribute to a wonderful man”.

New Shots Trust Honorary President Frank Burt added” I am deeply honoured and pleased to have been offered and to accept this role of President from everyone at the Aldershot Town Supporters Trust. When I received the letter around 10 days ago asking if I would accept the role offered, it was a no brainer and I am personally humbled to think that I have so many friends within the Trust who think this highly of me, from the bottom of my heart thank you”.

As part of the deal Frank will now be awarded a lifetime membership certificate by the Board of Directors of the Aldershot Town Supporters Trust.

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