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There has been a lot of activity behind the scenes with the Trust in recent months and we are pleased to announce that we now have a team of 9 Board Members in place.  Here’s an introduction to the newest members of the Board.

Terry Owens – Chairman

Terry Owens

Terry will need no introduction to older Shots supporters, however, for the younger members Terry has lived in Aldershot all his life and has been watching the Shots since he was 10 (55 years in case you were wondering!)
In March 1992 the old Aldershot Football Club was wound up in the High Court, but Terry had already registered a new club in the Diadora league div 3, and with the support of Graham Brookland, David Brookland, Peter Bridgeman, Nick Fryer, and the Shots Supporters Club the new club ATFC was born. During Terry`s 6 years as Chairman he was blessed with 3 promotions and retired as Chairman, after the team won the Championship, that took the club to the Diadora Premier League only 2 divisions from the Football League.He became a Director of the previous club in the 1980s during the Chairmanship of David O`Connell and Ron Harris ( Ex Chelsea Legend ) as manager, but this only lasted for 6 months before another boardroom coup took the club over.

In 1990 he founded the very successful S.O.S. ( Save Our Shots ) campaign and became Chairman. The campaign over the next 12 months raised £55,000 to keep the club alive before it was decided to close the S.O.S. bank account, as the club had stabilised. In 1991 Terry became Chairman of the Football Clubs Management Committee when Colin Hancock was Chairman.

In 2009 Terry was one the driving forces behind the conversion of the Supporters Club to Trust status and was Chairing all the meetings alongside Mike Wray, John Orme, Paul Maynard, Mark Maynard, Bill Brade, Sefton Owens, Richard Llanwarne and Dave Bull until the successful hand over when Terry took a back seat but took out Life Membership.


Vanessa Storey – Treasurer


Vanessa first started watching the Shots back in the 80’s when she went to a few games with her Dad, however, she started to come frequently to watch Aldershot in March 2005 with her daughter Lauren. It was a Ladies Day initiative so they both got in for free!sa has kindly agreed to take on the role as the Trust Treasurer. Having Trust status means we are governed by FSA (Financial Services Authority) regulations so Vanessa’s is a key appointment to the Board.

Happily they both soon caught the bug & both became season ticket holders for the next season & they have both been season ticket holders ever since.

They sit in the North Stand and are often joined by Vanessa’s Dad. She loves supporting her local team, so wanted to give something back by helping out with The Shots Trust.


Peter Bridgeman – Secretary

Former ATF Secretary Peter Bridgeman

Former ATF Secretary Peter Bridgeman with his wife Lee.

Together with his wife, Lee, Peter has followed the Shots since they moved to the area in 1968 (first Ash Vale and then Farnham for the last 25 years). They have been regular visitors to the Recreation Ground/EBB Stadium since the 1980’s and, as both their sons were born at the Louise Margaret Hospital, we think they can call themselves locals!!

Peter became actively involved with the club when he worked with Terry Owens during his Save Our Shots campaign and Lee and Peter even put a little bit of money into the old club – but all in vain. He worked with Terry again, together with Graham and David Brookland and others, to set up Aldershot Town FC. When the new club was formed he was the Honorary Company and Football Secretary for two years, then Football Secretary for a further two years. The club then required full- time paid staff and Peter was happy to stand down. Both Peter and Lee continued to help upstairs in the Directors Box and guest lounge for another two years.

Since then they have been season ticket holders, sitting in the North Stand seats with their footie friends Dawn (Terry Owens’sister) and her husband, Chris Cameron. They still help out where they can, with the four of them doing an annual pre-season seat clean. At times they have assisted with painting around the ground and recently tiled the away changing room showers. Peter also designed, constructed and still maintains the Memorial Garden.

The first few years were very exciting and they were pleased and privileged to be part of it but they both had full-time jobs and it was not possible to do both. Until he retired in 2005 Peter was an Arboricultural Consultant dealing with the tree aspects of planning applications and appeals, safety at work issues, education and training and acting as a Government Inspector for Tree Preservation Orders appeals. In 1993/95, whilst secretary to the club, he was also Chairman of the national body for tree care. Peter still keeps his hand in by being the Honorary Tree Adviser to the Farnham Society.

He is very pleased to be working with Terry again to help with the future of the Shots Trust and hopes many more fans will join us.


Mike Hammond - the Boards very own Man Friday!

Mike Hammond – the Boards very own Man Friday!

Mike Hammond – Man Friday!

Mike is a Trust boards dream. He’ll be assisting across all areas of activity for the Trust, working alongside the existing functions as well being in a position to take on any additional unexpected tasks that come to the forefront.

Mike moved to Aldershot during the second world war when his house in Romford was bombed by the Germans.

He started going to watch the Shots between the ages of 5 and 6 during the war and has now supported them for over 60 years and has a number of friends that have played for the club over the years.

During his life Mike has had a go at most things involving Football, playing, linesman, referee, managing and coaching, all at a local level.

Outside of football he is a retired Design Engineer, but still works as an Invigilator and Front of House in the theatre at the Farnborough 6th Form College.

Mikes other keen interest is a new Charity in the area called Farnborough Befrienders of which he is Chairperson.

He has also volunteered in the painting of various parts of the ground and helped with preparing , distributing and delivery of the Season Ticket books.

Mikes aim with the Trust is to fill in where necessary with the activities and the running of the Trust and his wish is that the supporters will recognise the love and involvement that the Trust Committee have for the club and give it their support.


Media Director Tommy Anderson

Media Director Tommy Anderson

Tommy Anderson – Media and Communications Director

Tommy is the youngest member of the Trust Board and is going to provide some fresh impetus into the Trusts media and communication channels including Twitter and Facebook.

He is a motivated, adaptable and responsible student seeking an entry-level in Media which will utilise the creative and communication skills developed through his involvement with Garrison Radio, Shots-Radio and various other media related ventures.

He is delighted to represent the Trust from a Media perspective because during his course he will have to combine his studies with work and other media commitments which involves being a part of the Aldershot Town Media Academy which was set up by Graham Brookland.

Tommy has always had a close affiliation with Aldershot Town Football Club as his Grandad John Anderson was first team coach between the years of 1967 – 1989, and he has followed Aldershot Town FC for many years as a season ticket holder.

Tommy has also shown himself to be self-motivated, organised and capable of working under pressure. He has a clear, logical mind with a practical approach to problem solving and a drive to see things through to completion which will be a great benefit to the Trust. .

In his time with the Trust, he hopes to be a massive asset to the team and is willing to do all he can to make sure that everything he does will be of the highest standard and hopefully he can help expand the Shots Trust and make it bigger and better for the future.

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