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Shots fans are reminded that it is an offence for a person to enter or attempt to enter a football ground while in the possession of a flare or a smoke-bomb. The sentence for these offences can be as much as three months in prison.

The FSA (Football Supporters Federation) devote their time to campaigning for supporters’ rights and fighting the corner of those fans that are unjustly treated by the authorities but they said in an excellent blog produced by Amanda Jacks back in October 2013 “The FSF shares the concern of the authorities and the police at the increased use of pyro – not because we’re all boring gits who don’t want fans to enjoy themselves but because the use of pyro isn’t backed by the majority of fans and can, for some, wreck their day.” and yesterday’s use of flares and smoke-bombs did indeed wreck many supporters day and it’s a shame that a credible performance by the Shots yesterday afternoon should be overshadowed by this incident.

This is now the second time that such objects have been used by Shots supporters and after the Braintree flare (which caught our very own photographer Ian Morseman).  Shots Trust Chairman, Ian Goodwright and Media & Communications Director, Tommy Anderson, stated in an interview last week that whilst as a Trust we encourage Shots fans to back the team vocally and by the fantastic displays put on by the Phoenix Supras what we don’t condone is flares and smoke-bombs being used because both objects are considered to be dangerous and banned from stadiums for a reason.

Yesterday was another mindlessly stupid act by a ‘Shots fan’. Given the number of our fans at Luton, particularly seniors, who were seated in the immediate vicinity, it was an accident waiting to happen. We have seen more than enough past football stadium tragedies not to witness another one. Next week will see all football fans pay their respects to those who perished at Hillsborough. No one ever wants to see a repeat of such a tragedy.

An apology to everyone who had no choice but to breathe in the acrid smoke would not go amiss and a promise from the individual and his mates from the East Bank that this is the last we will see of smoke flares/bombs may just go some way to repairing the PR damage inflicted on our travelling support.

Let us Shots fans be known for what we do fabulously well – GETTING BEHIND OUR TEAM AND SINGING OUR HEARTS OUT and not mindless stupidity.

Aldershot Town Supporters Trust

Board of Directors

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