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Press Release – 13/5/13

Aldershot Town Supporters’ Trust is the fans representative body of Aldershot Town FC. Today, they have called for a brave and honest discussion between supporters and the community of Aldershot about the future they want for their club, which is currently in administration.

The football club entered administration in May with much publicised debts, just after being relegated from Football League Two, and the Shots Trust, after surveying the current situation, have proposed that community ownership – like that seen at AFC Wimbledon, Exeter, and Portsmouth, as well as conference clubs Wrexham and Chester – might be the way forward.

Speaking about the situation, Terry Owens, Chairman of the Shots Trust said:

“Obviously the current situation is bad. We’ve been relegated and we’re in administration.  What’s more, there’s a lot confusion and anger around the club and amongst fans. Now is the time for all of us to pull together like we did in 1992, but for a different result, because times have changed: where once we inspired people, and were pace-setters, showing the world that we wouldn’t lay down and disappear, we think it’s now time to start learning from fresh, new ideas that are out there. We’ve seen other ways of owning and running clubs that inspire us, and we think that supporters might now be able to learn from others and give our club a sustainable future”.

Terry Owens continued, “The Shots Trust is putting out a call to those who believe in this idea like we do. We’re already talking to Supporters Direct and harnessing their expertise in business planning, community-led buyouts and raising significant finance. For now we want to know what the appetite is amongst fans for community ownership of the football club. There is a summary of how community ownership works at other Clubs on the Supporters Direct website and we’d really like you to fill out a very quick survey to see if you’d want to support this approach:

Please ask fellow fans, friends, families and work colleagues to complete the survey as we want to know that this is something that has the support of not only Shots fans but the wider community too, before we move forward”. If sufficient funds are not pledged for the community ownership scheme we may alternatively seek board representation on any newly formed board.



For further information about the Shots Trust, please contact Terry Owens on 07721 862491 or email


For further information about Supporters Direct & Supporters Trusts, please contact Kevin Rye on 07852 998542 or email

For more information on the Shots Trust visit:

About Supporters Direct

  • Supporters Direct is a Community Benefit Society owned by its member supporters’ trusts. It enables and promotes supporter involvement in and ownership of football, rugby and other spectator sports clubs. It also campaigns for better regulation greater openness.
  • GROWTH: Supporters’ trusts have now been established at over 190 clubs.
  • MEMBERSHIP: Over 420,000 people are members of supporters’ trusts in the UK
  • FINANCE: Supporters’ trusts have now brought in well over £40 million of new finance into football and rugby league.(This amounts to almost £7 of   investment for every £1 of funding to SD)
  • OWNERSHIP: 33 clubs in the UK are in ownership or in control by supporters’ trusts, including Football League clubs AFC Wimbledon, Exeter City, Portsmouth and Wycombe Wanderers
  • REACH: Supporters’ Trusts have been established at over 70% of the top five divisions in England and the top four in Scotland
  • PARTNERSHIP: Over 100 supporters’ trusts now have shareholding in their club.
  • BOARDROOM: Over 70 supporters’ trusts have directors at their clubs, including Premier League Swansea City FC.

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